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How to Select a Dual Transfer Case - Advance Adapters

How to Select the Perfect Dual Case Kit for Your Next Auto Project

Dual transfer case kits are how serious rock crawlers and off-road explorers get even more torque from their vehicles. They act as a reducer to add another set or two of low gears to what the main transfer case already produces so y...

101 for OEM Parts: What Are OEM Parts

OEM Parts 101: What Are OEM Parts?

Anyone who has ever needed auto parts has heard or seen the term “OEM.” Understanding what this means is important for all vehicle owners — but especially for DIY mechanics and restorers. Our experts have put together this guide to OEM parts so that, whether you s...

History of Automatic Transmission Technology
How did automatic transmissions go from compressed air and hydraulics to advanced modern electronics? Read about it in our overview of the fascinating history.
How to Fix Common Transmission Adapter Issues
If you run into problems while installing a transmission adapter, our team can help. Use this guide to solve common issues so your truck or SUV runs great.
How to Choose the Right Gear Ratio for Off-Road
Get the right amount of power to the ground for the terrain you like to explore by using this gear ratio guide to know what you should install in your vehicle.
What is A Transfer Case and What Does it Do

Advance Adapters sells a large assortment of transfer cases and accessories to go off-roading. But if you’re new to customizing an SUV or truck, you might be wondering what a transfer case is and why you need one for your vehicle. In this guide to transfer cases, we’re looking at how they work and t...

How do Transmission Adapter Plates Work

When looking at a new engine, transmission or transfer case for an off-road ride, you may have been told that you also need a transmission adapter plate. But why, exactly, is it important to use this part? And why is it that some transmission adapters are so expensive? Knowing the answers to these a...

What You Need to Know Before you Coyote Swap Your Engine

Coyote engines are rising in popularity among the DIY community for off-roaders and speed demons alike. The 5.0L powerplant is a factory option for several Ford vehicles such as the Mustang GT and F-150 — and it can be swapped into many other rides. Read on to learn more about what you should know b...

What Are the Components of a Transmission

The transmission is a critical component in any on-road or off-road vehicle. The better your transmission works, the more of an engine’s power is translated to performance. Even if a powerplant has 800 horsepower, it won’t matter if those horses can’t reach the wheels.

But there are a lot of moving...

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