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Atlas 4 speed T/C

Atlas 4-Speed Transfer Cases

You’ll always have the right gear and drive for any off-roading plan with a four-speed Atlas transfer case for trucks and SUVs. Built upon the proven design of the Atlas 2, the Atlas 4-speed transfer case offers three separate low-range functions built into a single unit instead of the single low-range ratio in the two-speed. This gives you many more options for daily over-the-road driving and intense off-road activities.

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Each Atlas transfer case is designed for the enthusiast that likes to tackle a large variety of terrain with one vehicle. These transfer cases are perfectly suited to any road, trail or remote land you might want to conquer. With Atlas 4-speed transfer case builders for a variety of vehicles, you can add the transfer case that suits your vehicle specifically and modify it for a range of off-road and rough terrain driving. Use these transfer cases for rock crawling or driving through mud or sand with no difficulty.

Custom Atlas Transfer Cases

Our transfer case builders are made to order by expert machinists and mechanics at Advance Adapters. Simply let us know what vehicle, transmission and engine you’re currently using or plan to use. Also inform us whether you want the standard or cable linkage for the twin stick shift levers. We’ll then manufacture the transfer case and any adapters that are needed. The planetary gear assembly is the same as the one used in the New Process 241-HD transfer case, so you know it’s heavy-duty.

Although the universal 4-speed transfer case can be configured for most Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Toyota models, there is a separate Jeep JK custom transfer case — the 2007-18 Wrangler is so unique it requires its own setup. The installation process is similar to a two-speed case, though the four-speed is a bit longer because of the added components inside.

Complete Transfer Case Systems

Offering a variety of gear ratios for a multitude of applications, you can control your vehicle’s drivetrain for precision during off-road driving. With high-quality components designed to last through even the roughest applications, the Atlas 4-speed transfer case will prove a valuable addition to your vehicle. We can add shift knobs, spacers, transfer case oil or whatever else is needed for a project. Give us a call or use our onsite Gear Ration Calculator to determine how to configure the ultimate transfer case for your needs.

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Atlas 4SP Transfer Case Builder

Atlas 4 Speed Transfer Case Builder
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Atlas Transfer Case Jeep JK 2SP & 4SP Builder

Configure the Atlas Transfer Case for your Jeep JK Model Wrangler
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