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TRANSMISSION- NV4500 4WD 29 spline output shaft with a GM input shaft.
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The Dodge transmission is a hybrid that we have a GM input shaft installed. The transmission does not come with the top shifter housing, backup light switch or vent, 45-0002 would include these components. This is a rebuilt unit with some new parts, we do not charge any core charge.

New Venture 4500 (NV4500) Transmissions  

First introduced in 1992, the NV4500 is a constant mesh helical geared, heavy duty 5 speed transmission. All forward gears are fully synchronized. The initial Dodge version offered a synchronized reverse. The transmission case is cast iron with an aluminum top cover. The case measures 12.375 inches and features dual PTO ports. The shifter handle typically allows for better accessibility over older granny 4 speeds as it is located further rearward at 9-1/2" from the face of the transmission.  

The 1992 & 1994 GM versions have a lower first gear of 6.34 and can be identified by a smaller front bolt pattern with a top to bottom measurement of 4.685". After 1995, the first gear and front bolt pattern reverted to the Dodge 5.61 first gear and the taller top to bottom 6.043" bolt hole configuration. The synchronized reverse was also added and the front bearing retainer was enlarged from 5.125" to 5.6" diameter. As a general rule, a GM NV4500 4WD transmission will always have a 32 spline rear output shaft with an 8-1/8" rear tailhousing. The input shaft is 6-5/8" 1-1/8" 10 spline with a .590" pilot tip. We have also seen a rare 1995 GM NV4500 which can be classified as a hybrid. The transmission has the lower 6.34 with the newer bolt pattern. 

Dodge 4wd NV4500 transmissions have always maintained the same gear ratios and bolt patterns throughout production; however, variations occur between diesel (and V10) versus gas models. Diesel NV4500 4WD transmissions always have a 29 spine rear output shaft with a 6-1/4"" rear tailhousing. The input shaft is 7-1/2" 1-1/4" 10 spline with a .75" pilot tip. The front bearing retainer index is 5.6" with a snout diameter of 1.75". 

Dodge Gas 4wd NV4500s initially were introduced with a 23 spline rear output shaft and a 6-1/4 tailhousing. The input shaft is 7-1/2", 1-1/8" 10 spline with a .75" pilot tip (we have seen very rare 1" 19 spline inputs in 1993 trucks). The front retainer is 5.6" with a 1.43" snout. In 2001, Dodge discontinued the 23 spline output shaft on the gas version NV4500, and all Dodge transmissions standardized to 29 spline.  

TRANSMISSION LUBRICATION: The NV4500 transmission uses approximately one gallon of synthetic oil. This oil is available at your local Dodge authorized dealer under Part No. 4874459 (quart), or your local GM authorized dealer under Part No. 12346190 (quart). Unlike regular petroleum oil that breaks down when it gets too hot, this synthetic oil is made up of different properties that do not break down. The transmissions are also equipped with synchronizer rings that are made of a fibrous material. The wrong fluid will cause the unit to develop “sticky” shifting. If the wrong fluid is used, more than likely you will have to have your transmission rebuilt.

 DO NOT SUBSTITUTE any other lubricant as internal damage will occur.  NOTE: Castrol Syntech is NOT the same as Castrol Syntorq. 

BACKUP SWITCH:  All NV4500s are equipped with an electronic reverse backup switch. If your vehicle is equipped with some type of backup indicator light, it can be adapted very easily to the new NV4500 switch. 

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