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The twin stick shifter was primarily developed to reconnect the transfer case linkage after installing one of our automatic adapter kits. The transfer case gets relocated further back which required shifter modifications. This is where the development of the twin stick originated. Once the concept and the first linkages were manufactured, the integration of the twin stick to our entire Land Cruiser product line along with a stock vehicle was initiated. As we started looking into the various applications, we soon realized the numerous configurations the twin stick kits would have to have. We currently produce five different versions of our twin stick kit.

Kits exist to fit various drivetrain combinations. The differences in these kits are mainly the shift handle configuration and the rod lengths that shift the Mode and Range levers on the transfer case. Even though we produce five different kits, some kits will still require some bending of the shift handles for a proper fit into the vehicle; and once these handles are bent they will also require some welding. Other kits may also require some shortening of the Mode rod and Range rod. The kits listed below fit both 3 speed and 4 speed transfer cases.

Note: that when replacing a vacuum operated shift mechanism with our twin stick linkage, you will be required to purchase the OEM mechanical transfer case shift housing.


  • P/N 715571 - Chevy V8 with a SM420 or SM465 transmission and using Advance Adapters Transfer Case Adapter or Chevy V8 with the stock 4 speed.
  • P/N 715572 - Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 6 Cylinder Engine with Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 4 Speed Manual Transmission.
  • P/N 715573 - Chevy V8 with TH350, 700R, & NV4500 transmission using Advance Adapters Transfer Case Adapter.
  • P/N 715573B - Chevy V8 with a TH400 transmission using Advance Adapters Transfer Case Adapter.
  • P/N 715574 - Chevy V8 with a TR4050 transmission using Advance Adapters Transfer Case Adapter.

Each kit requires the installation of a new Mode shaft which is part of the kit. These kits include a new pivot shaft and all new linkage components. The shift handles are not painted to allow you the option to do slight modifications or welding if your kit requires such.


We now offer a new Toyota Land Cruiser Hi/Low shift fork. O21020

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