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SKU: 50-9550B
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 GM 4WD 6L80E / 6L90E 6 Speed Automatic Transmissions to Ford NP205 Transfer case.
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Advance Adapter

This adapter kit will adapt the New GM automatics 6L80E or 6L90E 4WD to the Ford NP205 transfer case. Kit 50-9550A, 6L90E adapter assembly includes new female 29 spline NP205 input gear and shaft, NP205 adapter ring, 6L90E conversion tail housing, input shaft bearing and fastening hardware.

Kit 50-9550B, 6L80E adapter assembly includes new 32 spline female NP205 input shaft , NP205 adapter ring, 6L80 conversion tail housing, input shaft bearing and fastening hardware.

Note: You must choose the exact kit part number for your transmission, 6L90E (kit 50-9550A) or 6L80E (kit 50-9550B).

Transfer Case

This adapter assembly fits the Ford NP205 part time transfer case. The Ford version is a part time, cast iron and offers a 31 spline female input gear, circular six front bolt pattern and a driver’s side front out put shaft. 


GM's new Hydra-Matic 6L80 & 6L90 transmissions are the first of a new family of modular six-speed rear-drive transmissions. The transmissions feature two overdrive gears and a wide, 6.04:1 gear ratio spread to improve performance and fuel economy when compared with conventional four- and five-speed automatic transmissions. With two overdrive gears, engine rpm is reduced by approximately 9 percent at 60 mph - a reduction to about 1,500 rpm. Lower engine rpm can bolster fuel economy because less fuel is used. A lower-rpm cruising speed also enhances smoothness and reduces noise heard in the vehicle's cabin.




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