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Chevy LT1 engine mount kit
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Advance Adapter

These Universal engine mounts are designed for use on all types of 4WD and 2WD vehicles that have frame rail widths up to 28.75". The frame brackets can be used in either the upward or downward position for best engine location. The brackets must be welded but can be bolted into position so the vehicle can be taken to a welding shop. If you are dealing with a vehicle that has an open channel, then you should box in the frame rail prior to mounting the new bracket. The slots of the mounts are designed to give you side to side adjustments. The slide lock tab will lock the mount down once the engine location is selected. The slide lock tab does require welding to the mount but can be bolted for securing and assembly purposes so you can relocate your rig to your local welder.

The engine mount kit includes two engine side mounts (3/16" thick steel), two weld-in gusseted frame mounts (1/4" thick steel), and rubber mount kit., A/C compressor bracket and rubber mount kit.

Note: A/C bracket fits Camaro / Trans-Am / Caprice LT1's with 8 o'clock position A/C compressor.

Note: 713005 are used with all GM LT1 If using a new Gen III / IV, LS-Series V8, please see PN713088.

Note: We use the engine mounts in both:

1987-1996 Jeep Wrangler YJ

1941-86 Jeep Full Size & CJ's

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