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Yoke Removal Trail Tool - Yoke Puller
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Yoke Removal Trail Tool - Yoke Puller

For removal of: "Differential pinion yokes" Transfer case yokes

The Yoke Removal Tool connects to the yokes listed below. The center bolt of the Tool pushes on the center of the splined shaft pulling the yoke from which it was installed. No more damaging the yoke by hitting it with a hammer trying to remove it, and most importantly, it's safe to use since the yoke comes off in a controlled state.

Fits yoke types:

  • 1310 Non CV
  • 1310 CV
  • 1330 NON CV
  • 1330 CV
  • 1350 NON CV
  • 1350 CV
  • 1410
  • 1480
  • DIN 120
  • DIN 150
  • Toyota Truck
  • Land Rover

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