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OVERDRIVE 26 tooth gear 6 spline shaft M38, M38-A1, CJ2A, CJ3A, some CJ3B
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This all-range overdrive is a great addition to any of the early model Jeeps from 1940 to 1971, and I.H. Scouts 1961-65 with the Model 18 transfer case. The addition of this 25% overdrive unit offers you the needed gearing the early Jeeps were lacking. The Saturn overdrive is a fully synchronized unit that can be shifted-on-the-fly. When installing the unit, only minor modifications are required to the floorboard for the shifter. The Saturn is built to handle up to 300 ft./lbs. of torque, well within the range of a stock V8.

The Saturn is the original unit designed and developed by Warn Industries. Soon after their introduction, another unit emerged in Colorado by the name of Husky or Dual-A-Matic. The Colorado unit was identical in appearance, but in no way was it interchangeable< with the Warn All-Range. Both units were available for the early Jeep and Scout vehicles. The units were offered with the 6 and 10 spline internal assembly and the 26 or 29 tooth output gear. Both units were very popular in the mid-1960s, but it wasn't until the introduction of the Dana Spicer Model 20 transfer case in 1972 that production quantities started to recede. The Warn and Husky overdrives were no longer compatible. Both companies stopped production, and the availability of spare parts became very scarce by the mid-1970s.

Advance Adapters purchased the tooling, engineering data, & inventory from Warn Industries in 1991. The components we manufacture today are the same as the old Warn components. We have incorporated a few upgrades on the units we sell today, but these units are all still interchangeable with the original Warn overdrive. (Note: The Saturn is not compatible with the Husky unit.) The Saturn overdrive installs directly on the backside of the transfer case through the inspection cover. No cutting or modification of the drivetrain is required. No relays and electrical connections required.

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Model 1941-1979 Jeep
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