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REBUILD KIT-TLC 10 SPLINE T/C 09/73-01/75 3sp.

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Toyota Land Cruiser stock 3 speed transfer case rebuild kit
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All of the transfer case adapters we manufacture require you to access the stock transfer case. Since most of these kits are dealing with this important gear box and its performance, and the transfer case in normally removed from the vehicle to install one of our kits, it’s only natural that we offer transfer case rebuilding kits. Our rebuild kits are superior to the other kits on the market today. They are assembled with quality gaskets whitch come from KP, and is a O.E. supplier. The bearings are brand name O.E. bearings and the seals are NOK the choice of all the big Japanese manufacturers.

We now offer a new Toyota Land Cruiser Hi/Low shift fork. O21020

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Products specifications
Transfer Cases Toyota Land Cruiser (1963-1973) - (10 Spline Input)
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