I. Atlas T/C - Ford Ranger / Bronco II / Explorer

Ford Bronco II, Ranger & Explorer Installation

The Atlas has been designed to replace the stock Borg Warner 1350 transfer case. Before you begin, a few items should be taken into consideration.


You should first consider clearance for the Atlas case. You will either be required to have a body lift (1" minimum), or else be prepared to do crossmember modifications and/or considerable underbody modifications.

We have provided (5) 10-1.5mm x 35mm long bolts in the Explorer shifter kit for the transfer case-to-transmission adapter. Due to different adapter thicknesses, make sure that these do not bottom out in the Atlas case when tightened. You will be required to remove the stock breather hose bracket from the stock tailhousing because it will interfere with the Atlas shifters.TC ADAPTER BOLT

When we performed the Atlas installation into an Explorer, we opted to use a 1" body lift which only required minor floorboard modifications. When test-fitting the Atlas into your vehicle, mark the areas that interfere with the Atlas. Clearance should be checked on the shifter housing, the shifter linkage rods, and the upper front portion of the case. Modify the body accordingly to acquire proper clearances. EXPLORER MODS 1 EXPLORER MODS2

Shifter Installation

The shifter assembly for these vehicles PN303006L will require modifications to be done to your floorboard for shifter handle access. It is easiest to perform the installation by removing the driver's seat, along with pulling back the carpet to expose the tunnel area. With the Atlas bolted in position, install the twin stick extension tube and shifter base to locate the position best suited for clearance. Cut the floorboard to allow at least 1/2" clearance around the shifter handles in both 4WD high and 4WD low.


Your stock speedometer connection off of your Borg Warner transfer case is different than the Jeep speedometer housing that the Atlas uses. To connect your speedometer cable to the Atlas, you must first reroute the cable over the driver's side frame rail. A speedometer cable and in-line speed sensor must be purchased from Nevada Speedometer to retain your stock (O.E.M.) setup. Nevada Speedometer's phone number is (775)358-7422.SPEEDOMETER

Breather Hose & Oil

At the top of the Atlas you will find a 90-degree brass elbow. You will need to attach a new vent tube hose (3/8" fuel hose) to this elbow. Route this hose along the transmission or frame rail, ending up at the upper portion of the firewall. Attach a free flowing atmospheric breather onto the end of this hose. This type of breather can be found in earlier model vehicles or on many differentials. To prevent the Atlas from building up pressure and blowing oil out this breather, fill with the recommended 2 quarts (2-speed Atlas) or 3 quarts (4-speed Atlas) of oil.


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