H. Scout Transmissions

 The Scout transmissions are very similar to the Jeep transmissions.  The similarities include the same transfer cases, the transfer case bolt pattern, and the transmission identification numbers.  However, the International Scouts used different engines than Jeep, thus requiring different bellhousing adapters.  We offer bellhousing adapters for both the Scout manual and automatic transmissions.  Both Scout and International Carryall vehicles can be treated the same. 

Torqueflite -            Scouts & International vehicles used a special Torqueflite automatic transmission that bolts directly to the International engines.  For Scout vehicles equipped with this Torqueflite 3 speed automatic, we offer a kit that will bolt a Chevy V8 to this transmission, replacing the stock  I.H. 304 or 345 engine.  This kit comes complete with an adapter plate, crank bushing, and flexplate.  This kit is not compatible with a small block 400. 

                                            PN712572-A            Torqueflite to Chevy V8 (up to 1985)

                                            PN713007 -              Motor Mounts


International Scouts used two types of clutch controls; mechanical & hydraulic. The most difficult part of a Scout conversion is adapting and modifying the existing clutch linkage.  Although we manufacture various adapters to retain the stock manual transmission, we do not offer any assistance with the clutch linkage mounting.  We have been told that using a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser master cylinder with our P/N 716119 slave cylinder and our 716287 slave cylinder bracket works well as a hydraulic linkage.  When using this setup, you will have to change the pedal assembly that the master cylinder bolts to.  The above method is only a suggestion from other customers, since we have not verified whether or not this is a proven method.  The only way we know to avoid clutch linkage modifications would be to use an automatic transmission.


Scout T18/T19  (1969-82) -      These Borg Warner 4 speed transmissions have a long 10-1/4” stickout with a 1-1/4” 10 spline input     shaft.  The Scout transmissions can be identified by a case length of 11.875", and casting number of T18, T19, 1301 or 1309.  We have developed two kits to use these transmissions.  The original clutch linkage will need to be modified and relocated forward from the firewall, which is the most difficult part of this particular conversion.  These transmissions are an excellent choice for Chevy & Ford conversions.  You must make sure that the input shaft protrudes from the face of the transmission approximately 10-1/2” for Chevy conversions.  The Ford conversions are supplied with a new input shaft which has a 17 tooth gear.  The transmissions listed below that have a tooth count of S27-L17T will only work with our adapters.


                                                                                               O.A.L.                  Tooth                  Jeep                      Warner

                                                    Year                            of Input Shaft         Count                  Number                 Number

                                                    1969-77 (T18)             13"                          S27-L17T            386160C1             T18-16N 

                                                    1969-77 (T18C)          13-1/8"                    S27-L23T            386159C1             T18C-16

                                                    1971-82 (T19)             13"-6:32                  S27-L17T            439230C1             T19-16D

                                                    1974-82 (T19A)          9-1/8"-4:02              S27-L23T            439231C1             T19A-16D 

                                                    1965-82 (NP435)        12-15/16"                S24-L17T            312692C1             WT291-16M


                           Chevy Engine to Scout T18 & T19        Ford Engine to Scout T98 & T18 

                                    PN712530 Adapter Plate                                            PN712531 Adapter Plate

                                    PN713007 Motor Mounts                                            PN713006 Motor Mounts


   Scout T15 (1974-79) -   Similar to the Jeep T15A, this 3 speed transmission can be identified by a case length of 10”, and a casting number of T15 or 1307.  We do not offer any adapters to retain this transmission.


    Scout T90 (1961-73)  - This 3 speed transmission has a case length of 8.000”.  T90 will normally be stamped on the case.  This transmission was used in various models of Scout vehicles.  Between the years of 1961 & 1973, Warner Gear made several variations in the design of the input shaft in relation to the length and tooth count.  When adapting this transmission to a V6 or V8 engine, it is critical that your transmission be equipped with the correct length of input shaft.  The only vehicles that would have the correct input shaft length would be Scouts equipped with a 6 cylinder engine.  The stickout length of this input shaft from the face of the transmission should be 9 to 9-1/2".  If your transmission has a shorter shaft, you will need to change the input shaft.  The correct input shaft has a clutch size of 1-1/8” 10 spline (same as the Chevy clutch disc).


If your T90 was originally fitted to a 4 cylinder, you will be required to purchase a 6 cylinder style input shaft,  PN716014 (Jeep #906203).  This shaft has a gear tooth count of 18 teeth.  On most Scouts, the input shaft that you are replacing will be 16 tooth.  On these applications, you will also need to purchase a new cluster gear,  PN716018.  Below we have listed the years and gear data that will be necessary to determine your vehicle requirements.  The best way to determine what your vehicle is equipped with is to simply remove the top cover and count the teeth on the front input shaft.



The Chevy small block is a great choice for these vehicles.  When replacing a 304 or 345, a Chevy small block is 200 to 300 pounds lighter.  It provides you with a proven, dependable engine.  Part cost & availability is better, and a lighter and more efficient Chevy engine will give you an estimated 2 to 6 more miles to the gallon.  Scout engines are generally overlooked by the aftermarket industry with reference to performance parts. The internal engine components are also becoming increasingly more difficult to find - making a Chevy engine your best choice.


We offer a complete line of bellhousing adapters to couple a Chevy engine to the various stock Scout transmissions; however, a new transmission like a TH350 or TH400 is great options due to ease of installation.  The Chevy TH350 or TH400 eliminates the clutch linkage connection issues that exist with the Scouts.  Driveline modifications are normally required when doing an engine and transmission swap.


Motor mounts for the Scouts are a weld-in style.  When retaining a stock manual transmission, engine placement may be different than when installing a new Chevy automatic transmission.  When installing a Chevy automatic, the new center line of our motor mount should be approximately 3” rearward of the center line of the stock Scout V8 mount.  This measurement is approximate, not exact.  Please check for proper engine clearances before finalizing the new engine placement.




We manufacture an adapter to retain the stock I.H. 345 V8 block and couple a GM automatic transmission to it.  This adapter kits are manufactured by Advance Adapters  but sold through I.H. Only North. The bellhousing kit has the aluminum adapter plate with a aluminum torque convert adapter ring plus the hardware.