H. Atlas T/C -Tacoma , Tundra , T100 , FJ Cruiser


Tacoma, Tundra, T100, FJ CRUISER - Atlas swap information:

  • Adapter length:


  • Left drop Case:

Stock is a left hand case drop (RH solid axle swaps are common)

  • Atlas Input Spline:

23 spline short with all kits except 50-5715 which uses the standard 23 input

  • Standard case Rotations:

LH: 3 to 46 degrees (40 degrees is stock); RH: 15 to 46 degrees

  • Atlas Tailhousing:

ALT32 (standard tail houisng with speedometer provisions)

  • Yokes:

We offer flange yokes for the Toyota PNAFTOY or

Jesse @ High Angle can make a special Toyota flange yoke (Tel# 530-877-2875)

  • Shifters:

Cable shifters recommended (standard shifter comes through the floor near the dash)PN303009

  • Install notes:

No crossmember modifications needed. The stock mount and location are retained. Some floorboard modifications are needed. Driveshaft modifications are required and some grinding may be required on the Atlas tailhousing and shifter tower. There is also some wiring needed on later Tacoma models with VSS and/or push button shifting. Most of the Tundra and Tacoma installations that we have done have been preformed using a Atlas 2 speed cases. When installing the Atlas 4 speed in an Tacoma or Tundra, the atlas will be located further back and will require floor board mods and custom cross member mods to properly complete installation.

  • Cable Speedomter 1995-1997:

Fully mechanical speedo. We offer an adapter cable that adapters the Atlas to the stock cable PN300613

  • VSS Speedometer 1998 & UP:

We offer a cable/VSS sender that couples to the Atlas speedometer drive. This unit provides the stock VSS signal that the Toyota transfer case did. The Atlas speedometer can be calibrated to tire size and axle ratio when doing these upgrades.

PN300605 speedometer cable/VSS

PN301506 Atlas speedometer drive

PN300620 speedometer gears


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