Ford 6R80 & 10R80 Automatic Transmission

Ford 6R80 transmission

The Ford 6R80 transmission is an impressively strong, band free, 6 speed automatic transmission modeled after the renowned and respectable ZF 6HP26 six speed automatic transmission.

The 6R80 was first introduced in 2009 and is manufactured under ZF license at the Ford Transmission Plant in Livonia, Michigan. It can be found behind a multitude of Ford engines ranging from the 3.7 V-6, all the way up to the robust 6.2L V-8. While the transmission is offered in several engine applications, each transmission variation is integrated differently depending on engine and vehicle application.

The 6R80 features a durable, dependable, band-free design, equating to less complexity than its earlier four speed predecessors. Ford also revised the transmission to improve even smoother shifts and improved fuel economy versus the original ZF 6HP26. Most noteworthy of the improvements was the addition of a 1 way clutch that offers smoother 1-2 upshifts and 2-1 downshifts. The transmission utilizes five clutch packs and a single one-way clutch to achieve six forward gear ratios, whereas earlier four speed units use six or more clutches/bands to achieve only four gears. The 6R80 also features lockup torque converter capabilities in all 6 gears and an integrated Tow/Haul mode for increased towing performance and braking. The transmission has a respectable low 1st gear of 4.17:1 which also provides for increased towing performance and offroad capabilities. The 6R80 offers two overdrives, the highest of which is 0.69:1. The double overdrive maximizes fuel economy by offering lower engine RPM at cruising speeds. The transmission's over all gear ratio spread is ideal, offering an impressive ratio spread of 6.04:1 from first to sixth gear. The 2nd through 6th gear ratios are impressively close together. This creates incredibly smooth shifts and increased reliability.

Although the 6R80 has 6 forward gears, the transmission is only slightly larger than earlier four-speed automatics. The transmission is without question stronger than earlier Ford 4 speed transmissions. The 6R80 can likely handle up to 1000HP with proper ECU tuning and potentially even more with the implementation of aftermarket components

The 6R80 uses synthetic transmission fluid (Mercon LV). The transmission used in the Ford F-150, has a fluid capacity of 12.10 quarts and weighs 215lbs. The 6R80 measures 23.75” and utilizes a large 31 spline 4wd output shaft. In 2011 Ford removed the internal TCU enabling the usability of stand-alone computers


R- Rear wheel drive

80- Ford Motor Co. strength designation. Nominal max input torque 590lb-ft

6R80 Transmission Ratios: 4.17, 2.34, 1.57, 1.14, 0.87, and 0.69:1.

Adapting The 6R80

The 6R80 is a prime candidate for conversions in a multitude of vehicle applications. The length of the transmission is remarkably short for a 6 speed transmission. The wheel base length of some vehicles can limit some conversion applications. We do not recommend using this transmission on CJ5 Jeeps and other similar short wheel base vehicles. On longer wheel base vehicles, this transmission is well suited. The transmission also has a narrow oil pan that allows for better front drive shaft clearance. Advance Adapters currently offers adapters for the Bronco Dana 20 and our renowned Atlas Transfer Case.


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