F. Atlas Transfer Case - Upgrades & Rebuilds

Atlas Rebuild Kits: We a complete bearing and seal rebuild kit for the Atlas. These kits include all the components necessary for a complete rebuild. The kits are designed for either a 32 spline front output PNAB1000 or for the 26 spline front output PNAB1001. We also offer a kit for the 1.5" idler case PNAB1003.

Atlas 2SP Racer Rebuild Kits: These kits are quick service items for the Atlas when the Atlas is used in racing applications. The Atlas components should be inspected after each race. These are items that we have seen the most wear on after extreme use and, if not addressed, it can cause unit failure. PNAB2000 is for the early Atlas cases. PNAB2001 is for cases later that seriel number 12314. PNAB2002 Fits the early "Race" case Atlas's. PNAB2003 is the newest "Race" case that used the 1.5" idler.

Shifter linkage upgrades: The connection rods for the Atlas were designed to be universal so they could be adjusted for the various drivetrain lengths. The stock linkage works well for the majority of applications and vehicles. The extreme racers and rock crawlers on the other hand were looking for a linkage that would withstand the abuse that they are putting their rigs through. The two kits offered are upgrades that work with the standard handles and use heim joints that are bolted to the Atlas linkage. Anyone can upgrade to this kit as it will work on all Atlas ridged mounted twin stick applications. PN303040 or PN303041.

Atlas 2 and 4 speed Replacement Site Tubes: We carry replacement parts for existing Atlas site tubes. The site tubes are offered with two thread sizes to fit to the Atlas case. Early cases were drilled and tapped for 1/2” flare pipe fittings, and the later cases for 1/4” flare pipe fittings.

PN301600 Site tube kit with 1/4” fittings

PN301603 Site tube kit sold for current production units (Manufactured after Nov. 2014)

PN301602 Replacement site tube for all cases with 90 degree fittings

Breather, Hose & U-Bolts: Normally a new breather and breather hose is required to properly vent an Atlas 2 or 4 speed transfer case. We can now supply you these items along with additional Atlas oil for the first or future oil changes. U-bolt kits for the standard yokes are also listed below.

Breather & Breather Hose U-Bolt kits (includes two U-bolts)

PNX11320 2SP Atlas kit P/N X11340 1310 & 1330 U-Bolt kit

PNX11324 4SP Atlas kit P/N X11341 1350 & 1410 U-Bolt kit

PNX11342 1410 Strap kit

Atlas Stud and Nut Kit: PN302070