E. NSG-370

Jeep NSG-370 Transmissions

Starting in 2005, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler featured the NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission, replacing two five-speed manual transmissions previously used in these applications — the NV1500 and NV3550 — reducing cost and complexity. This new transmission is a member of the six-speed NSG 370 family, similar to the one used in the Chrysler Crossfire—the first six-speed for the Chrysler Brand. The NSG six-speed manual transmission provides a 4.46:1 First-gear ratio, versus the 3.85:1 and 4.04:1 ratios of the five-speed transmissions it replaces, for improved launch and traction.

"Because Jeep vehicles are designed to perform in a variety of challenging off-road conditions, the NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission has a unique gear case and direct-shift system specifically designed for the Jeep application,” said Frank Frederick, Director – Manual and Rear-Wheel-Drive Transmissions and Driveline Engineering, Chrysler Group.

The NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission provides optimal shift quality, improved quietness and high quality. A new dual-ratio transmission shift-tower system allows packaging of the six-speed shift pattern within the existing Jeep vehicles, and it is tuned for optimized shift quality. For smooth operation the First and Second gears have triple-cone synchronization, the Third and Fourth gears feature double-cone and the Fifth and Sixth gears single-cone synchronization. Hard-finished gears allow for quiet operation. A multi-rail, steel-construction shift system delivers high strength and precision. The two-piece aluminum case with integrated clutch housing assures powertrain stiffness and light weight. The new First-gear ratio combined with six-speed step spread allows optimization of axle ratios for fuel economy and performance.

Notes: The output shaft sticksout the rear of the transmission approx .210". “Honsel” is cast into pass side

Forward Speeds .... 6

Dates Produced .... 2005 & newer

Manufacturer .... Chrysler

Case Length .... 25.25

Stock Adapter Length .... Integral

Bellhousing Length ... Integral

Over All Length .... 25.25

Case Material ... Aluminum

Input Shaft Spline .... 1-1/8 10 spline

Length .... 7.50

Pilot Diameter .... .750

Length .... 1.00

Output Shaft Spline .... 23

1st Gear Ratio .... 4.459

2nd Gear Ratio .... 2.614

3rd Gear Ratio .... 1.723

4th Gear Ratio .... 1.200

5th Gear Ratio .... 1.0

6th Gear Ratio .... .838

Reverse Gear Ratio .... 4.060

Transmission Weight .... 100Lbs.


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