D. Atlas T/C - Jeep CJ


The Atlas can be used in Jeep CJs 1980 to 1986. These vehicles would normally be equipped with a Dana 300 transfer case. Whether you have your stock transmission or not, the Atlas will bolt directly to the transfer case adapter that previously supported the Dana 300. Since the Atlas is 1.8" longer than the Dana 300, driveshaft lengths should be considered. The vehicle that we used to install the Atlas was a 1983 CJ7 with a T5 transmission. It also had a 3" suspension lift.

Shift Indicator Switch

On some CJs, Jeep used an indicator light for 4WD. The Atlas has provisions to use a late model 4WD indicator switch PN300364 . If you prefer not to use the indicator, use the plug included in your kit.

Shifter Installation

The Atlas twin stick is designed as a universal application. We recommend Part No. PN303001R for the correct shifter configuration. This shifter protrudes 5-1/2" from the face of the Atlas, but is easily shortened to other lengths. Both handles on the shifter are straight and fit in the vehicle side-by-side. As long as your CJ is not equipped with an aftermarket console, the shift handles should have adequate clearance. ATLAS CJ SHIFTER ATLAS CJ SHIFTER 1

Shifter linkage upgrades: The connection rods for the Atlas were designed to be universal so they could be adjusted for the various drivetrain lengths. The stock linkage works well for the majority of applications and vehicles. The extreme racers and rock crawlers on the other hand were looking for a linkage that would withstand the abuse that they are putting their rigs through. The two kits offered are upgrades that work with the standard handles and use heim joints that are bolted to the Atlas linkage. Anyone can upgrade to this kit as it will work on all Atlas ridged mounted twin stick applications. PN303040 or PN303041.

Rotation, Crossmember & Body Modifications

The stock rotation of the Dana 300 transfer case is 35 degrees. We recommend the Atlas be installed either at the stock rotation or a shallower than stock degree of rotation. The recommended 2 quarts of oil should be used. The stock crossmember will most likely have to be spaced off the frame rails to allow for proper driveshaft angles. This will also aid in the clearance of the Atlas in reference to the Jeep body. If the rotation of the Atlas is shallower than stock, some body modifications may be necessary, or a body lift could be used. These modifications will vary depending on the length of the transmission that your CJ Jeep is equipped with. ATLAS CASE FIT


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