Cooling Components

Transmission Cooler Lines Kit:  As you finish up a drivetrain conversion, there are always a few last minute items that need attention.  One of these is the transmission cooler lines.  You can surely bend up custom ridged cooler lines and route them up to the radiator or splice into your old lines if your vehicle had a stock automatic.  We’ve found that the ridged lines are sometimes a pain to fit properly, and splicing into your stock lines may not always be the cleanest installation.  We now offer a flexible stainless steel hose kit.  These hoses are simple to route and easily installed onto the radiator.  The seven foot long hoses are long enough to fit most applications while having a bit of extra hose to allow for body and frame flex.  Our kit includes two 7’ stainless steel outer braid lines with Teflon inner tubing.  The ends have dash 6 female A.N. fittings that are pre-crimped to the hose ends.  The kit also includes two 1/4” MPT to dash 6 Male fittings for aluminum Rad-a-kool radiators, and two 5/16” inverted flare to dash 6 Male fittings for TH350 / TH400 / 700R4 transmissions.

PN23-1500 - Transmission Cooler Lines Kit

PN23-1501 - Transmission Cooler Lines Kit 700R/4L60E

Radiator Recovery Can:  This canister will accumulate any “overflow” from the radiator cap.  The accumulated fluid will then be pulled back into the radiator once the engine has cooled. PN716672.

Radiator In-Line Temperature Sensor Adapters:  We offer three upper radiator hose in-line temperature sensor adapters.  These adapters allow you to retain your vehicles stock temperature sending unit and stock gauge.  These units are offered in either 1-3/8” or 1-1/2” hose diameter as to fit most block and radiator configurations.  The sensor hole is either 3/8” or 1/2” on the 1-3/8”  adapters or 1/2” on the 1-1/2” adapter. 

PN716673 -1-3/8” with 3/8” sensor hole

PN716673A -1-3/8” with 1/2” sensor hole  

PN716674 -1-1/2” with 1/2” sensor hole

Radiator Cap:  The normal operating temperature on most engines is 180 to 200 degrees which generates a pressure of 8-12 pounds.  This is true for both carbureted and fuel injected engines.  To blow the cap of the radiator the coolant would have to be 270 degrees.  Hopefully, the engine would be shut down prior to getting this hot, keeping the coolant inside the radiator.  But for added protection, we offer a new 22 lb. radiator pressure cap.  This cap works on all of our radiators.  PN716679.

Spal Fan Kits:  The Spal fans we offer are the high performance curved bladed pusher or puller fans.  These 16” fans are 16.3” tall, 15.75” wide, and 3.39” deep at the fan’s motor.  The fans are rated at 2070 CFM and being that they are pre-shrouded, they are ideal for cooling larger engines.  Our fan kits come complete with the needed wiring harness, which is compatible with both positive and negative ground vehicles.  The 3/8” pipe thread sending unit is designed to turn the fan on at 185 degrees and off at 170 degrees.  The kit comes with a 40 amp relay, a fuse holder, and all other necessary hardware.  In addition, our kit also includes mounting brackets for the fan to the radiator.  The mounting brackets are designed for our aluminum radiators, however; we can supply you with brackets to fit our copper/brass radiators upon request. 

PN716670 -Puller Fan Kit

PN716671 -Pusher Fan Kit