Bronco Dana 20


The early Ford Broncos have always been a popular vehicle for conversions. These vehicles were normally equipped with a 6 cylinder or V8 engine up to a 3 speed transmission. On this transmission, Ford used two different lengths of adapter housings when coupling this 3 speed to the stock transfer case. The adapter housing is either 6-1/2” or 9-3/8”. Vehicles equipped with a V8 had a 9-3/8” tailhousing which set the bellhousing further into the engine compartment. Vehicles with the 6 cylinder had a 6-1/2” tailhousing. This shorter adapter compensated for the longer engine. In 1973, Ford began offering the C4 automatic. A special tailhousing and output shaft was manufactured to couple this transmission to the stock transfer case. Ford no longer makes the C4 adapter.

The 1966-77 vehicles were equipped to a Bronco Dana 20 transfer case. This transfer case, unlike the Jeep Dana 20, has the front driveshaft on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The input gear of this transfer case is 6 spline. Ford always used a spud shaft that coupled this 6 spline transfer case to the transmission 28 spline.  STOCK BRONCO 3SP DRIVETRAIN         DANA 20 with ADAPTER REMOVED    

The transmission-to-transfer case adapters used both a dowel pin and alignment retainer. The spud shaft is supported in this retainer with a bearing. The adapter kits we manufacture utilize this type of design. In some applications, we also retain the stock spud shaft*. This transfer case has a 2.46:1 low gear ratio. In early 1973, Ford switch to a 2.34:1 low gear ratio.

These transfer cases used two different shifter designs known as either the “J” pattern or “T” handle. The “T” handle was used from 1966 to 1972, and the “J” pattern from 1973 to 1977. The “T” handle shifter is a fairly simple shifting mechanism and, to retain it with an adapter, only requires a pivot point for mounting. The “J” shifter requires the shift handle to be mounted in a location relatively close to its stock position. Retaining this shifter in its relatively stock location is hard to accomplish when adapting the various transmissions to the Dana 20. Vehicle owners having a “J” shifter are recommended to either change the transfer case shifter rods and go to a “T” style shifter or to contact one of the Bronco specialty shops that offer a twin stick replacement for the “J” shifter. A twin stick shifter replacing the “J” style should work with most of our adapters.  T-shifter Dana 20       Bronco 20 T-shift    Bronco 20 J-shift      Bronco J-shift

The adapter housings we manufacture normally utilize the stock Bronco crossmember with the stock rubber supports. On new transmission assemblies longer than stock, this crossmember may need to be relocated. There are a few adapters that require this crossmember to be modified. These modifications are noted in detail on the specific adapter instruction sheet.


 *We offer a stock Bronco replacement spud shaft under PN52-2710.