B.Jeep NV3550 5SP.

Jeep NV3550 Transmissions: 

The NV3550 transmission is an ideal transmission for the avid four wheeler that demands reliability, good strength, and wants a simple installation.  The NV3550 was designed for the 2000 to 2004 Jeep TJs when coupled up the 4.0L in-line 6 cylinder engine.   

This transmission was introduced as the NV3550 in 2000; however, this transmission design was originally used earlier in both the GM and Dodge pickups as the NV3500 transmission.  The NV3500 was originally coupled to both the GM 4.3 V6 & V8 engines in GM vehicles and to the Dodge V8 in the Dodge vehicles.  This early transmission was designed to handle both the torque and horsepower of these engines.  The biggest obstacles for the NV3500 was that the bellhousing and transmission were integral (one cast piece).  The NV3550 is essentially the same transmission as the NV3550, with the exception that now the transmission case and the bellhousing are separate pieces.  This new design opened up the door for many transmission upgrades.  


The NV3550 uses an oblong bolt pattern that retains the bellhousing with 9 metric bolts.  The alignment of this transmission to the bellhousing is accomplished by the use of two dowel pins.  The NV3550 has a case aluminum pocket that protrudes from the bellhousing mounting surface, housing one of the shift rods.  The bellhousing adapter we manufacture must provide the necessary clearance for this shift rod.  The transmission has a 7.50” input shaft stickout from the face of the transmission.  The clutch spline is 1-1/8” 10 spline with a .750” pilot tip, and the release bearing snout is 1.43” in diameter.  The output side of this transmission offers a circular-6 bolt pattern and a 23 spline output shaft having a flush stickout with the rear of the transmission.  


We have seen three styles of shifter handles on this transmission which changed between the yeras and models of vehicles this transmission was used in.  Shifter Part No. 716099 fits the 2003 & newer models, Part No. 716099A  fits the earlier years, and Part No. 716099C fits the Jeep Liberty’s transmission.  


The transmission case measures 16.75” long, which allows this transmission to fit into many applications.  We sell this transmission as a complete kit or separately.


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