B. Transmission Information


CAR-TYPE TRANSMISSIONS: The car-type transmissions can be easily adapted into most 4WD vehicles. The GM car-type transmissions would be the Saginaw, Muncie M21-M22, and Borg Warner T10. The Ford transmissions would be the 3 speed Top Loader, 4 speed 10-bolt top cover, and the Ford overdrive 10-bolt top cover. While these transmissions provide added strength and easy adaptability, they are not recommended for rugged offroad driving. The first gear ratio on these car-type transmissions are normally 2.2 to 2.5-to-1. This particular ratio, when used in conjunction with your 4WD transfer case, will still create some difficult situations when faced with rocky terrain. These transmissions are excellent for someone that is spending 95% of their time on the highway and 5% of their time off the road. The lack of good low gears for rock crawling can be overcome by slipping the clutch and having a good braking system. This type of transmission is usually expensive, since the demand is exceptionally high for good Muncie and T10 transmissions. These transmissions will require the use of a Hurst shifter. The shifter must be mounted with a special bracket that is compatible with the new transfer case adapter.

TRUCK-TYPE TRANSMISSIONS: The truck transmissions can also be easily adapted to nearly every type of 4WD transfer case. The GM truck transmissions can be the Muncie SM420, SM465, the NV4500 & NV3550. The Ford truck transmissions can be the Ford T18, Ford New Process 435, and the Ford T19. The stock Jeep T18, T176, and T98 transmissions can also be easily adapted to the various engine bellhousings. This type of transmission generally has a super low gear ratio and offers excellent offroad benefits when rocky terrain is involved. For normal everyday driving the 1st gear is very seldom used and the transmission is normally shifted as a 3 speed. The disadvantages of this type of transmission is the weight and stiff shifting of the floor shifter. The shift handle can usually be modified for comfort in most 4WD vehicles. The cost of the truck 4 speeds is normally less than the car 4 speeds, and transmissions can range from $200 to $500. Some of the transfer case adapters will require new main shafts, while other kits use a spud shaft that simply slips over the original output shaft.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS: Both GM & Ford offer many selections of automatic transmissions. The GM transmissions you can use are the TH350, TH400, 700R, 4L60, 4L60E. We offer some adapters for the 4L80E. The Ford transmissions that you can use are the C4, C6, AOD and AODE. Automatic transmissions are excellent for 4WD conversions since they eliminate the need for clutch linkage modifications. The added length of the transmission can sometimes be limiting and, at other times is an asset towards the elimination of driveshaft modifications. The automatics usually are equipped with only a 1st gear ratio of around 2.5 to 3.0-to-1. However, the automatic will not have the gear reduction hold-back that the manual truck transmissions provide. Nearly all of the transfer case adapters will require a new transmission output shaft to be installed. A cable shifter for the automatics is usually recommended. We recommend the Lokar or the B & M sport shifter. On certain installations, transmission pan modifications may be required for front driveshaft clearance.

FLEXIBLE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION DIPSTICKS: If you’re planning on doing an automatic transmission swap, be aware that using the stock transmission dipstick can cause clearance problems. We carry the solution from Lokar Performance Products. They manufacture flexible dipsticks that work ideally with the different transmissions we offer. This teflon-lined, braided stainless steel transmission dipstick mounts easily to the firewall and the transmission.

PN23-0001 TH350 & TH400 transmissions
PN23-0002 700R & 4L60 transmissions
PN23-0003 C4 transmissions

CALIFORNIA GATED SHIFTER: This cable shifter is ideal for rock crawling rigs. This shifter fits the GM TH350, 700R, TH400, Powerglides, Ford C4, C6 & AOD transmissions. This is a console mounted, gated shifter that works well. For the transmissions just listed, the shifter requires different gating and linkage requirements. When ordering this kit, please specify the transmission being used.


LOKAR AUTOMATIC SHIFTERS: Lokar shifters are completely adjustable so you can mount them in a number of locations front-to-rear. The shifter bolts directly to the top of your transmission. It come complete with a 12” handle and boot.

PN23-T350 Shifter for Chevy / GM TH350 Automatic Transmissions
PN23-T400 Shifter for Chevy / GM TH400 Automatic Transmissions
PN23-R700 Shifter for Chevy / GM 700R4 Automatic Transmissions
PN23-4L60 Shifter for Chevy / GM 4L60 Automatic Transmissions (having 4 bolt tail pattern)
PN23-4L60E Shifter for Chevy / GM 4L60E Automatic Transmissions (having 6 bolt tail pattern)
PN23-4L80E Shifter for Chevy / GM 4L80E Automatic Transmissions

B & M SPORT SHIFTER: This sport shifter fits the GM TH350, 700R, TH400, Ford C4 & C6 transmissions. This is a console mounted, cable-operated shifter that works well for most conversions using automatics.