Atlas Divorced input


The "Divorce Mounted Atlas Transfer Case" has been created to give you all of the great gearing options, parts availability, and strength features to vehicles that require a remote mounted transfer case. Early vehicles sometimes ran this type independent transfer case. It was attached to the powertrain by a small drive shaft coming from the transmission. This transfer case functioned identical to others and had a front and rear driveshaft. The entire transfer case assembly was hung from the frame on a crossmember-type mount. The Divorced Atlas can be built as either a right or left drop unit. The shifters and crossmember are sold as a separate kit to fit the transfer case. When ordering yokes for this unit, 3 are required.

The mount plate included in our kit will give you the rigid mounting location for supporting this gear box to the frame. Prothane bushings and all hardware are included in this kit. It is necessary that you fabricate a support bracket from our transfer case mount to the frame rails of your vehicle. Please be aware that this new mount bracket is very rigid and should be able to withstand the extreme twisting load that the gearing of the Atlas transfer case creates. Keep in mind that a good amount of frame flex may be generated in severe off-roading conditions.

We only offer the divorced units in the 2 speed configuration.

Atlas 2 Speed: P/N A-DIV-T3

Left Drop Case Mount and Cable Shifters: P/N 303025L

Right Drop Case Mount and Cable Shifters: P/N 303026R