A. Atlas Transfer Case

With over 20 years of design and development of the Atlas transfer case, the transfer case has evolved with many options. Most options are upgrades to the unit; however, when the Atlas became a key player in the rock crawling and racing markets we did design and classify it into two category types, The "Atlas" or The "Race Case Atlas"

The "Atlas" is by far the most common unit we sell and is the unit we would recommend for any off-road enthusiast with a stock to even heavily modified rig. This unit can be customized with different yokes, shifters, and tail housing and can be clocked flat in many applications.

The "Race Case Atlas" is exactly what we mean by the name, this unit is built for competition events. It has all the add on options as the standard Atlas with a few upgrades. We beefed up the cluster pin material to 300M and the support area on the case and added superfinished gears to the build (gear options 2.0:1, 3.0:1 & 3.8:1). The superfinished gears provide: less friction / lower operation temperatures / extended component life / increase efficiency / reduce lubrication requirements / reduce metal debris.

The race case gives you the option for a 300M tail housing or a standard one. We would recommend the 300M output for the race case.