9. Atlas T/C - Low Range Switching

TJ Rubicon & JK Jeeps (Low Range Switch):

This kit is a quick fix for the Jeep TJ Rubicon's & JK's. This kit tells the computer system that the vehicle is in low ratio, disabling the ESP on JK's and enabling the locker option on the TJ Rubicon's.

In essence the Low-range switch tells the computer what mode the transfer case is in. To operate the needed functions on these vehicles, we find the need for only one of the normal four possible mode positions, and that is the “Low-Range” mode. This mode allows the factory lockers (and electric sway bar if equipped) to work on the Rubicon series TJ, JKs & Power Wagons. The other necessity is the ESP (ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAM) in the JK series of Jeeps. By installing the Low-Range switch in the JK's it will automatically turn the ESP to its lowest setting possible. Allowing front digs in low range, tire slippage without engine hesitation or braking feedback. It will also change the fly-by-wire throttle sensitivity to take away the side effects that usually consist of jerky throttle response that occurs as a result of running low range without the Low-Range switch hooked up.

This kit will not light the 4WD dash light in high range. PN300378X or PN300378A

Jeep JK (All Recommended) & TJ Rubicon's:

The JK control module is the only way of keeping all the stock functions operational when upgrading to an Atlas transfer case. This Module lights the dash lights in both high and low range as well as the settings on the ESP when in 4WD and lockers and sway bar disconnect on the Rubicon models. This kit is designed for the Atlas 2 speed but can be used on a 4 speed by connecting a additional low range switch to the planetary housing and splicing that switch into the lead from the low range switch from the Atlas case. PN300377 or PN300377A

2012 and Up Jeep JK Autos:

JK 2012 and newer Jeeps equipped with an automatic transmission will also require a Transmission Control Module flash to operate correctly with the new Atlas transfer case. Jeep coded the stock transfer case ratio of either the 2.72:1 or the 4.0:1 into this module, and any different ratio in the transfer case will put the vehicle into a limp mode. A Jeep programmer like a A.E.V. Procal or the Bully Dog with the transfer case ratio option in needed and we sell both of these programmers. Unfortunately, the Atlas 4 speed is not an option in these newer JKs with the automatic. The exact ratios for the Atlas are required for reprogramming the module. We round up or down to the decimal on our ratios; however, the Jeep computer module will accept the three places right of the decimal. The ratios are as follows: 2.0:1 is exactly 2.11:1, 3.0:1 is 3.030:1, 3.8:1 is 3.824:1, 4.3:1 is 4.286:1, and 5.0:1 is 5.048:1. Also needed PN300377 or PN300377A