7. Atlas T/C - Yoke Options

Wth the Atlas transfer case being such a diverse case fitting into such a wide variety of vehicles, naturally we needed a variety of available transfer case yokes.

All of our yoke options are called out by their series number, and style.

Series Number

The series number is a classification that was standardized by the Spicer corporation that refers to the size of the yokes bearing width and cap diameter.

Yokes we offer are:

1310CV, 32 spline PNA1310CV

1330CV, 32 spline PNA1330CV

1350CV, 32 spline PNA1350CV

1310, 32 spline PNA1310

1350, 32 spline PNA1350

1410, 32 spline strap PNA1410

1410, 32 spline U-Bolt PNA1410U

1310/1330/1350 FLANGE YOKE, 32 spline PNAF1300

(1300 series Flange yoke is drilled and tapped for (4) 1/2"x 20 bolts on a 4.25"diameter,(4) 7/16"x 20 bolts on a 3.50"diameter and has a 2.0" male index for the mating yoke.)

Spicer companion yoke numbers are as follows:

(1310 C.V., P/N 211229x), (1310 non-C.V., P/N 2-2-939), (1330 C.V. - P/N 211631x), (1330 non-C.V., P/N 2-2-1369), (1350 C.V., P/N 212024x), (1350 non-C.V., P/N 3-2-1579).

1350,1410 FLANGE YOKE CV, 32 spline PNAF1350 ( Yoke has a 3.125" male index for the mating yoke.)

1350,1410 FLANGE YOKE non CV, 32 spline PNAF1410

(1410 Flange yoke is drilled and tapped for (4) 12mm x 1.25 bolts on a 3.75"diameter and has a 2.75" female index for the mating yoke.)

1410 non C.V. flange yoke. Spicer companion yoke number is 3-2-1329 (1410 non-C.V.)

1480FLANGE YOKE, 32 spline PNAF1480

TOYOTA FLANGE YOKE (3 BOLT PATTERNS 60mm x 60mm, 64mm x 56mm, & 68.3 x 60mm) PNAFTOY

Flange yoke may require the companion flange bolts to be installed through the yoke before the yoke is installed onto the transfer case. This depends on the series of companion yokes used. If the flange yoke is currently installed on your transfer case, you may be required to first loosen the yoke retaining nut, pull the yoke away from the transfer case enough to install the companion flange bolts. Once the bolts are in place, a new yoke lock nut should always be installed and torqued to 150 ft.-lbs. to secure the yoke to the transfer case.

Size Chart

Spicer Series # Cap Diameter Width Across Caps
1310 1.062 3.219
1330 1.062 3.625
1350 1.188 3.625
1410 1.188 4.188

Yoke Style

The two common yoke styles are CV (Constant Velocity) also referred to a "Double Cardan" and Non-CV. The CV style utilizes a carrier block (Cardan) that contains a set of two bearings, one per side. One side of the carrier (Cardan) is bolted to the transfer case output yoke, capturing a bearing between the transfer case output yoke and one side of the carrier, and the other bearing is captured between the other side of the carrier and the yoke affixed to the drive shaft. This type of yoke setup is most commonly used when attempting to overcome step or compound drive shaft angles.

The Non-CV style yoke uses only one bearing that is secured between the transfer case output yoke and the drive shaft yoke using straps or u-bolts.

Yoke Modifications: Changing the style of yokes on the Atlas transfer case may require your new yoke to be modified. When installed on an Atlas, the yoke will load up against a tapered roller bearing. Some yokes require a chamfer to be machined to clearance the cage of this bearing. All the yokes we offer have this chamfer. Yoke

Advance Adapters has started a change in product design with the mating components of its rear output shaft, front output shafts, and on divorced unit front input shaft. The modifications can be found on the follow instructions. CLICK HERE