5. Dodge NP205

Dodge versions right drop w/figure 8 bolt pattern and a factory adapter to circle 6 bolt

71- mid 70’s divorced units

Mid-70’s -1993 married units

All married units except Cummins diesel Getrag 5 speed 89-93 had 23 spline inputs and used a coupler sleeve like Chevy. They used an adapter casting fig 8 on transfer case side to circle 6 transmission bolt pattern and uses the small input bearing like the Chevy male inputs.

1989-93 Getrag 5 speed diesel only 29 spline male inputs and fig 8 to circle 6 adapters. This adapter is special to this t-case due to the use of the large input bearing like a Ford 31 spline or Chevy 32 spline. This HD 205 also had a special heavy duty fixed yoke rear output shaft. The design of the shaft makes it stronger than any other 205 rear output and commonly swapped into Ford and Chevy cases for extreme duty use.

32 spline front and rear output shafts.

Stock components,

In recent years the availability on the stock adapter housings has dwindled. Advance Adapters is now offering the stock replacement adapters for both the 23 spline and the 29 spline transfer cases. These adapters are a two-piece billet combination that is the exact same length as the stock adapter. PN50-2800 fits the small bearing(6307) and PN50-2801 fits the large bearing(6210).

We also offer the stock 29 spline input gears for the NP205 transfer case PN716044-D


We offer the stock couplers between the male transfer case spline and the male transmission splines. These couplers are a 23 spline PN52-9541, and 29 spline PN52-9540.

We have developed a hybrid coupler also that will take the 23-spline male shaft from the transfer case and then couple it to a 29 spline from a NV4500 or Getrag. The coupler uses the seal that the stock New Venture tail housing has and requires that the output shaft is either flush or slightly recessed with the end of the transmission adapter. PN52-9542 is a 23 X 29 spline coupler.