4. Transfer Cases & Adapters Rangers

TRANSMISSION UPGRADES WITH V8 ENGINES: Since many of the stock automatic transmissions can not be retained, and some stock manual 4 & 5 speeds are marginal up against a V8, we manufacture several transmission-to-transfer case adapters. These adapters are designed around transmissions that were originally coupled to a Ford V8 engine, alleviating the need for a bellhousing adapter. Most of these adapters will allow you to retain your stock transfer case in its original location, thus eliminating the need for driveshaft modifications. These transmission upgrades kits are based around good, reliable Ford transmissions capable of handling V8 horsepower and torque.

Bronco IIs, Rangers & Explorers used three different transmission assembly lengths between the stock manual & automatic transmissions. Most of the adapters that we manufacture will give you 2 or 3 adapter options to directly replace your existing transmission. Some of the new transmission assembly lengths are not exactly the same overall length as stock, but the driveshaft and crossmember will normally compensate for this. We recommend that you measure your existing transmission assembly and compare this measurement to the adapters below. All of these adapter housings are drilled to utilize the factory rubber crossmember mount.


PN50-8401 - C4 to Borg Warner 1350/1354 T/C. Adapter length of 11.5” (28.500” O.A.L.)

PN50-8402 - C4 to Borg Warner 1350/1354 T/C. Adapter length of 8.75” (25.750” O.A.L.)


PN50-8403 - AOD (up to 1987) to Borg Warner 1350/1354 T/C. (Adapter length of 9”)

PN50-8404 - AOD (1988 & up) to Borg Warner 1350/1354 T/C. (Adapter length of 9”)

TRANSFER CASE: The Bronco II, Ranger & Explorer vehicles use a Borg Warner 1350/1354 style transfer case. The transfer case has a 25 spline input sleeve, thus requiring a transmission to have a 25 spline output shaft. When bolting a transmission up to this transfer case, the output shaft of the transmission assembly should extend approximately 3/16" beyond the face of the transmission adapter housing. This transfer case has been manufactured in both a manual shift and an electric shift style. The adapters we offer are compatible with both styles transfer case shifter linkages. We provide the necessary mounting holes in relatively the same location on all of our adapters. In some cases, slight modifications to the mounting brackets and/or shifter handles are required. Most conversions are designed so that relocation of the transfer case can be avoided. On most adapters, the stock crossmember will normally fit in its original location. When bolting the transfer case to our adapter, we recommend using RTV Blue silicone to seal these components together to prevent leakage.

Atlas Transfer Case

DRIVESHAFTS: On 4WD conversions, we have designed most transfer case adapters in two-to-three various adapter lengths. By selecting the correct adapter length the new transmission assembly can, in most cases, directly interchange with the original automatic or manual transmission. This will eliminate any modifications to the transfer case location, crossmember mount, shifter linkage or driveshafts.