4. GM 4L60E

GM 4L60E Transmissions 

GM manufactures this transmission in two versions. Both these transmissions use a reluctor ring connected to the GM engine computer for proper shifting points. The first version is a mirror image of the 700R/4L60, but it requires the reluctor ring. The second version is found in most of the 1997 & newer vehicles. The case and bellhousing are no longer cast together (now a removable bellhousing design). This transmission no longer has the square bolt pattern on the output side, but is equipped with a hex bolt pattern similar to a TH400.  

4L60E 4 bolt tail housing early design 1993-1996  Available in the same two case designs as 700R4 metric (60 degree V6) and 90 degree Chevy V6/V8. This transmission looks the same as a 700R4/4L60 but has a large round electrical plug on the passenger side of transmission and no T.V. cable was used. This transmission shifted by the engine PCM. There are aftermarket stand alone shift controllers available for the 4L60E. The one we recommend is the Compushift controller which we carry under our Part# P4L110.    4L60E tranny

This transmission needs 40 pulse per drive shaft revolution (VSS) for proper shifting. GM installed a VSS sensor in the transfer case on 4x4 models and in the tailhousing on 2WDs. A low range switch is used on 4WDs to send a signal to the computer that the VSS must be adjusted for the transfer case low ratio. We design most of our adapters to have a VSS sensor in front of the transfer case. This allows the computer to always see a accurate reading from the VSS and keeps the transmission from having shifting problems. The sensor can be located after the transfer case; however, the computer must be programed to accept the transfer case low ratio. Stock GM transfer cases have a stock ratio of 2.72:1.   

4L60E late removable bellhousing design    4L60E tranny-1

In 1997, GM changed the 4L60E transmission case to a removable bellhousing design. This was so one transmission case could fit all GM engines including LS series of motors. Care must be taken due to different torque converter bolt patterns and length for each of the bellhousings. The stator and input shaft also had some variations. Be careful interchanging bellhousing and converters on these transmissions. The length of the main case is shorter and now has a 6 bolt pattern on the tailhousing. The case length including bellhousing is 21.735" on Gen I and II V8 and 22.366" Gen III / LS V8. In 2001, GM introduced 4L65E (HD version of 4L60E). This included a 5 pinion planetary gear set vs. 4 pinion in the 4L60E. The 4L70E was introduced with even more upgrades which included stronger output shafts and reaction shells for use in GTO, Silverado SS, Trail Blazer SS, and other high performance vehicles. 

Forward Speeds               ....            

Dates Produced                ....           1993 - 2007 

Manufacturer    ....           General Motors                                 

Case Length       ....           23.375 (1st gen) 15.435 (2nd gen)

Bellhousing Length          ...            Integral (1st gen)  6.315" (2nd gen)

Over All Length ....           23.375 (1st gen)  21.750 (2nd gen)

Case Material    ...            Aluminum                            

Output Shaft Spline        ....           27                            

1st Gear Ratio    ....           3.06

2nd Gear Ratio  ....           1.62

3rd Gear Ratio   ....           1.00

4th Gear Ratio   ....           .696  

Transmission Weight      ....           195LBS (1st gen)   163LBS (2nd gen)

Max Engine Torque         ....           360 to 400                             

Fluid Type           ....           Dextron VI

Fluid Capacity    ....           11 Qts

Gross Vehicle Weight Rated        ....           8600


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