4. Ford New Process 205/208

Full Size Ford trucks are not the most popular for transmission upgrades. Over the years, we’ve only had a few requests for certain adapters. Most of the early Ford trucks produced had either a single gear ratio Dana 21 transfer case or they had a divorced New Process transfer case. The Dana 21 was very light-duty and, therefore, not very popular to adapt to.

The 1971-73 divorced New Process transfer 205 cases were good gear boxes, they were used in Ford full size trucks, some ¾ and one tons till 1977 depending on wheel base. No adapters were required when changing transmissions, just a custom driveshaft did the job.

Fords 1974-1979 were a married NP205 always having a 31 spline female input with large input bearing.  Always left drop first used in ½ ton trucks in 1974 and by 1978 all ford 205’s were married. 

All Ford versions had fixed rear output shaft 32 spline and 32 spline front output shaft.    FORD NP205 TC
In 1980, Ford changed transfer cases to the New Process 208 and the Borg Warner full-size 1300 series. At that time, they still offered the NP205 on special order applications. The transfer cases (NP205, NP208, and the various full-size B/W 1300 series) found in these vehicles are all basically treated the same when it comes to adapting to them. They all have a circular 6 bolt pattern, a 31 spline input, and the same index diameter. The New Process 205 has one difference that does play a part with our adapters. The adapter requires a clearance notch for the stock transfer case shifter linkage. Since these Ford transfer cases all have the same basic configuration, the task of swapping a Ford 4WD transmission with another Ford 4WD transmission can normally be accomplished with the stock adapter.  

The adapters we manufacture are designed to couple the different Chevy automatic transmissions and the NV4500 5 speed transmission to the Ford transfer cases. We also have designed bell housing adapters to couple the Chevy automatics and the NV4500 transmission to the stock Ford engines.