4. AMC Engines

AMC/JEEP Iron Duke 151 4 cylinder: This 4 cyl. engine is manufactured by GM and used in Jeeps 1980-83. When converting to a Chevy 90 degree V6 or V8, no adapter is necessary. You are limited to a 10-1/2” clutch assembly and a GM Mini High Torque starter. AMC/JEEP 150 4 cylinder: This 4 cyl. engine has the same bolt pattern as the GM 2.8L V6 and is used in Jeeps vehicles 1983 & newer. AMC/JEEP V8s & In-line 6 cylinders: Jeep started using the 258 6 cyl., 304 & 360 V8 in 1972, the 401 V8 in 1974 and the 4.0L in 1991. These blocks are listed together because their block bolt patterns are all the same. The same pattern makes engine swapping between these vehicles simple; however, when using the 4.0L, it requires a special hole in the bellhousing for the flywheel sensor. We manufacture the conversion bellhousings for these applications. When installing a V8 where the 6 cyl. was previously, we offer motor mounts for easy installation.

AMC Bellhousings: Some applications will require the use of an AMC bellhousing. Listed below are the AMC blocks that share the same engine block bolt pattern. AMC bellhousings are similar to the Ford bellhousings in that the starter bolts directly to the bellhousing. We have found that Jeep used two different starters. The bolt pattern on these starters are the same; however, the amount of engagement of the Bendix is different. Make sure that the starter you are using obtains proper engagement with reference to the Bendix and flywheel.

(Note: AMC includes 258, 304, 360, 401, 4.2L, 4.0L all of which have the same block bolt pattern.)