3) Jeep Clutch Linkage 1980-86


Jeep has used both hydraulic and mechanical clutch linkages over the years.  When doing an engine conversion, it is not uncommon to have clutch linkage changes.  Many of these stock linkages can be retained with only a few modifications.  However, if you would like to improve you clutch linkage, we offer many upgrades from these stock linkages.  

Jeeps 1972-1986 (Mechanical) - These Jeeps use the same type of clutch torque tube as the earlier models, except the torque tube pivots off the bellhousing instead of the transfer case.  This design consisted of a long rod that extended from the pedal mechanism underneath the dash, through the firewall and connected directly to a clutch torque tube.  This linkage uses a ball design pivot bracket that bolts to the stock bellhousing.  The clutch torque tube was supported between a pivot point on the bellhousing and a bracket on the firewall.  This assembly can be retained on most conversions with very little modifications.

When using one of our Chevy conversion bellhousings, the stock bracket can be retained.  If you are using a GM bellhousing, we offer P/N 716638 which will provide you with an adjustable pivot location on the Chevy bellhousing.  This bracket kit is furnished with a male ball stud and multiple hole location that permits the use of all the original Jeep clutch linkage components.  This multiple hole location will provide positioning for various engine locations.  The kit also includes new nylon bushings to replace the original Jeep nylon bushings.  Depending on which bellhousing is being used, the push rod that extends from the clutch torque tube to the clutch release lever will need possible modifications. 

One of the biggest problems with the stock Jeep clutch linkage is its reliability on the trail.  Most Jeep owners have either experienced or seen the stock linkage fall apart when a vehicle is tweaked or twisted while 4-wheeling.  The linkage has too many pivoting and non-secured points and, when put under stress, they tend to come undone. We offer an upgrade kit for your clutch linkage.  This chain-operated clutch linkage kit, P/N 716639, connects to the original push rod that extends out of the firewall and mounts to the stock Jeep driver’s side body mount.  This kit also uses a sprocket & chain that parallels the inside of the frame rail.  Unlike the stock linkage pushing the release lever, this chain controller uses a pulling motion.  On serious offroad use, the chain linkage will allow for twisting of the frame and the torque of the engine.   The chain control linkage is solidly mounted to all components of the clutch linkage.  This kit will not work with inside-the-frame rail exhaust. 

Jeeps 1980-1986 (Hydraulic linkage) - Jeep first started using a hydraulic linkage in the 1980-83 CJ7s with the 151 Iron Duke engine.  This slave cylinder bolts to the bellhousing using the same two holes as the mechanical linkage ball pivot bracket.  The slave cylinder is mounted to the outside of the bellhousing using a special slave cylinder flange.  This flange is part of the slave cylinder casting and has provisions for two bolts to mount to the bellhousing.  The release arm, release bearing, ball pivot, and lever spring are all identical to the mechanical clutch linkage.  


If you are using one of our conversion bellhousings and retaining the stock Jeep transmission, then this Iron Duke slave cylinder can easily be installed using the mounting holes on our bellhousing.  If your Jeep originally had a mechanical linkage and you wish to change to a hydraulic linkage, we offer the stock Iron Duke slave cylinder assembly under Part No. 716331.  Along with this slave cylinder, the installation of the a master cylinder is required (Jeep master cylinder No. J5359822).  Jeeps 1980-86, will have the firewall provision to mount a stock Jeep master cylinder when converting a mechanical linkage to a hydraulic linkage.  The pedal assembly will require modifications and adjustments in order to couple to the master cylinder and achieve the proper throw motion.




GM 10-1/2" CLUTCH                                              GM 11" CLUTCH                             GM 11" CLUTCH  


PNCF360056 or PNLC360056                                   PNCF165552 or PNLC165552             PNCF165552 or PNLC281226    


1-1/8” 10 SPLINE                                                       1-1/8” 10 SPLINE                                         1-1/16” 10 SPLINE                                        


PN383271 or PNLC383271                                       PN383735 or PNLC383735                               PN281226


1-1/16” 10 SPLINE





AMC 10-1/2" CLUTCH                                       FORD 10" CLUTCH                               FORD 11" CLUTCH


PNCF361675 (MECH)                                           PNCF360030                                            (3 sets of 2) PNCF260000


PNCF361897 (80-85 HYD)                                   1-1/8” 10 SPLINE                                                  (6 bolts evenly spaced) PNCF360049


PNCF361890 (86&up HYD)                                 PN383303                                                               1-1/8” 10 SPLINE


1-1/8” 10 SPLINE                                                  1-1/16” 10 SPLINE                                                 PN383735 or LC383735


PN384193                                                               PN280490                                                              1-1/16” 10 SPLINE


1-1/16” 10 SPLINE                                                                                                                                PN281226  





BUICK 10-1/2" CLUTCH                                       




1-1/8” 10 SPLINE                                                         


PN383271 or PNLC383271                                         


1-1/16” 10 SPLINE