3. GM New Process 203


The New Process 203 is a chain-driven transfer case.  This cast iron transfer case is made up of 4 housings.  This transfer case is a good, strong box except for the chain.  This transfer case was used in production vehicles manufactured from GM, Dodge, and Ford.  The Ford transfer case was normally a remote gear box.  The GM and Dodge used an adapter to mount the NP203 directly to the stock transmission.  Since the front of these transfer cases look the same, identifying the difference between the Dodge and GM transfer case without the stock adapter housing should only be done by counting the transfer case input splines.  The GM versions include:  a female 27 input spline (originally coupled to a TH350 transmission), a female 10 spline (originally coupled to a SM465 transmission), and a female 32 spline (originally coupled to a TH400 transmission) input gear.  The adapters we offer for these transfer cases will normally require the use of your stock transfer case adapter.  700R-4L60 shafts


NP203 originally coupled to a TH350:  This transfer case, used in 1971-79 vehicles, has a female 27 spline input.  PN51-3210 (replacement adapter) TH350 & TH400 to NP203 stock castings TH350 & TH400 to NP203 stock castings 1


NP203 originally coupled to a SM465:  Used in vehicles 1971-79, this transfer case has a female 10 spline input.  SM465 to NP203 casting 465 side  SM465 to NP203 casting 203 side


NP203 originally coupled to a TH400:  Found in vehicles 1973-77, this transfer case has a female 32 spline input.  PN51-3210 (replacement adapter)  


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