3. GEN V Engine Information

The GM Generation V blocks are classified as a 5.3L and 6.2L(see chart below).

The Gen V engines have a new bellhousing bolt pattern that is different from the earlier Gen III. Looking at the back of the block, the bolt hole that was located at 12 O-clock has been moved over about an inch to the right. The bolt hole that was at 2 O-clock was removed. All of our bellhousing adapters would be only using 5 bolts instead of the 7 bolts used on the factory bellhousing.

The GM engine crank also was updated to an 8-bolt crank pattern. None of the earlier flywheels or flex plates will interchange.

The best suggestion as to what transmission should be used with the Gen V block, would be the 8L90 (factory combination) or 6L80 (factory combination).

We can offer an Atlas transfer case to bolt to the 8L90. We recommend the GM configuration on the Atlas with a spacer ring part number AS-8603. This works with the stock 8L90 tailhousing and spaces the 32-spline input for the correct spline engagement.

The 6L80, we do offer an adapter to go directly to a standard Atlas ( PN50-9600 )as well as other stock transfer cases like the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Gen V blocks were updated to a new bolt pattern on the motor mounts, still a four-bolt pattern but the pattern spread out a bit from the earlier Gen III. We currently offer a new universal mount for the GEN V blocks PN713085.

VIN 8th Digit RPO Code Displacement Name Transmission models
L82 5.3L Some Gen 2 Updates MYC / 6L80
C L83 5.3L Gen1 / EcoTec3 MYC, MQ3, MQB
R L8B 5.3L EcoTec3 Mild Hybrid
L84 5.3L Gen 2 EcoTec3 MQ3 / 8L90
J L86 6.2L Gen 1 EcoTec3 MQ3 / 8L90
L87 6.2L Gen 2 EcoTec3 MQB / 10L80