3. Atlas T/C - Gear Ratio Options

Choosing a Gear Set:

Since there are numerous engine, transmission, and axle combinations, the need for various transfer case gearing options has increased. The 2 speed Atlas transfer case now has 6 different low gearing options to suit the needs of your driving habits and your drivetrain components. Along with the these different Atlas 2 speed ratio options, we are now producing our new 4 speed Atlas transfer case. The 4 speed Atlas gives you 3 low ranges & 1 high range - a few more choices when it comes to 4-wheeling. You can now have the ultra low gearing for rock crawling, a low range gear for trail use, and mid range for sand and mud. Whether you're looking at the 2 speed Atlas or the 4 speed Atlas, your ratio options will be diverse.

The wide variety of Atlas gear ratio options have been designed to accommodate any type of drivetrain combination. Please be aware that the lower the final drive ratio gets, the harder it is to stop the vehicle when in gear. Larger brakes will be required to slow the vehicle. Shifting the transmission into neutral on an automatic or depressing the clutch on a manual will be required to bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Atlas 2 Speed Ratios

1.5:1 : This is a newer ratio that looks like it will be more popular for the 4 speed and used in quite a few competition rigs as a 2 speed.

2.0:1 : This unit is more of a stock ratio found in most early full size trucks and used in quite a few competition rigs

3.0:1 : This unit is popular in numerous applications. Used in quite a few competition rigs

3.8:1 : The Atlas 3.8 is a good choice for the avid 4-wheeler since this low gear ratio is ideal for moderate to some extreme rock crawling.

4.3:1 : This unit is popular in numerous applications.

5.0:1 : This unit is popular in numerous applications.

Atlas 4 Speed Ratios

1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 1.50:1 / 4.08:1

1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 2.00:1 / 5.44:1

1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 3.00:1 / 8.16:1

1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 3.80:1 / 10.34:1

1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 4.3:1 / 11.69:1

With any of the Atlas ratios equipped in your 4WD, you have the opportunity to select a sensible ring and pinion gear ratio for great street performance. Combined with a low-geared crawl ratio of your choice, your vehicle will have the ultimate combination. This allows you to compete with the most well-equipped vehicle, but then be able to cruise comfortably down paved roads. If you are serious about on and offroad performance and dependability, then demand one of the Advance Adapters Atlas transfer cases.

All of the gear sets above except for the 1.5:1 and the 5.0:1 are available in two strength grades, a Trail Series and a Pro Series.


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