3) 1987 & Newer Jeep Clutch linkage

Jeeps 1987-2006 (Hydraulic linkage) - These year series Jeeps all had hydraulic linkages and use both internal and external release mechanisms. When installing a new engine and retaining the stock 5 speed transmission, we normally use an external slave cylinder - except on Peugeot 5 speeds where the stock internal slave cylinder must be retained. The external slave cylinder for AX5, AX15 & NV3550 transmissions is found off of a 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser, PN716213. The bellhousing kits for the AX5, AX15 & NV3550 includes a slave cylinder fitting to adapt this slave cylinder to a #3 or AN3 37 degree fitting, which is the same size fitting that Jeep used on the master cylinder. PN716130H can be used to couple the slave cylinder & master cylinder together.  

Jeeps 1987-1991 (Hydraulic linkage) New Engine & Transmissions Swaps & Transmission Retrofits: When you are installing a new drivetrain using one of our full conversion bellhousings, we offer a slave cylinder that bolts directly to our bellhousing. This Jeep Iron Duke slave cylinder works well with the 1987 to 1991 master cylinder (1-1/16" bore). This slave cylinder is PN716331 and fits both the GM and Jeep conversion bellhousing we manufacture. 

Jeeps 1992-2006 (Hydraulic linkage) New Engine & Transmissions Swap Combos: When you are installing a new drivetrain using one of our full conversion bellhousings, Jeeps 1992 & newer used a master cylinder with a 3/4" cylinder bore. We offer a slave cylinder bracket that bolts to our bellhousing and allows the use of a Toyota Land Cruiser slave cylinder. This bellhousing does have the provision to use a Jeep Iron Duke slave cylinder; however, this slave cylinder is marginal when used with this YJ and TJ master cylinder. The recommended method of using the Land Cruiser slave cylinder would require the following: PN716288 slave cylinder bracket (A.A. bellhousing), PN716119S TLC slave cylinder, PN716215 slave cylinder fitting, and PN716130H slave cylinder hose. You will also require a special master cylinder fitting depending on the year of your vehicle. This assembly only works on our GM conversion bellhousing. The Jeep bellhousing will need a special bracket to be manufactured. If you are using a stock Chevy bellhousing, the slave cylinder bracket should be PN716287. 

Jeep TJ 1997-2006 - Jeep TJs have a hard plastic hydraulic hose assembly. We offer a replacement stainless braided hose assembly with two fittings for the master and slave cylinders, PN716130TJH.

 Jeeps 1980-2006 (Master cylinders) - Jeep master cylinders up to 1991 have threaded fittings, and 1992 & newer Jeep master cylinders have a pin-type connection. We offer hydraulic fittings to couple the stock master cylinder to the steel braided hose that we offer. The early master cylinders require PN716130F, which is a threaded connector. On later model master cylinders, you will have two options. We have found that Jeep used two types of pin-style connectors. The difference seems to be between the YJ & TJ models. The photos on the previous page will assist you in the identification process. We suggest you check the fitting on your vehicle by matching it to one of these examples. To assist you with connecting these fittings to the slave cylinder, we also offer a 42" long stainless braided hose with #3 female fittings, PN716130H. In some cases the 42" hose is not long enough; therefore, we carry a 12" extension hose, PN716130E OR 60" hose PN716130-60 for when you’re just short of the proper it.  PN716130H - 42" hose with dash 3 fitting PN716130E - 12" hose with dash 3 fitting PN716130-60 - 60" hose with dash 3 fitting PN716130F - dash 3 fitting

Jeeps 1987-1993 (Internal Hydraulic Release Bearings) - We have had several requests for both a stainless braided hose kit for a replacement for the stock clutch hose line as well as a conversion one for those of you upgrading to a larger engine. The nice thing on this kit is it will work on either application. Our hose assembly kit offers two master cylinder fittings to ensure you have the correct application. Also included is a new 42" stainless braided hose and then a new adapter fitting to couple to the factory Jeep internal hydraulic release bearing.  

PN716130IR- 1987-1993 Jeeps master cylinder hose kit with internal release bearing.