2. New Process 435

New Process 435 Transmissions  

The New Process 435 is regarded as a heavy duty transmission. It has a large following of aftermarket parts and is abundant in the salvage yards.

The NP435 was used by Ford, GM, Dodge, and used in some industrial applications. The adapters we manufacture are designed to fit the Ford version of this transmission. 

The Ford NP435 can be identified by its cast iron case and a PTO output on the passenger’s side. The Ford input is 1-1/6" 10 spline that sticks out the front of the transmission 6.50" long. Ford did have some shafts that were a 7.50" stick out. The front bearing retainer has a index diameter of 4.848" and has the standard bellhousing bolt pattern of 8.50" across the top and bottom of the transmission and 6.250" vertical on both sides of the transmission. The NP435 was used in both 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks. The bolt pattern on the back side of these transmissions was different between the 2 and 4WD models. Most of our adapters are dual drilled to fit both Ford models. The early Bronco is the only exception as it requires the 2WD model. The Ford NP435 can be found in Ford 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton trucks from 1966 to 1992.  NP435 tranny

The Ford NP435 uses a tapered bearing on the front input shaft. The input bearing load is set by stacking gaskets under the bearing retainer. The aluminum shifter cover is bolted to the main case with 8 bolts, two are doweled. This transmission can pop out of gear due to worn shifter detent springs in the top cover. It is a good idea to replace these detent springs in the top cover and replace any other worn item. The shift fork pads should also be replaced when rebuilding this transmission. 

The GM NP435 transmission can be used but requires machining on the transmission case to work with our adapter kits. The GM NP435 was used in trucks 1968 to 1972. The GM transmission did not use the deeper low first gear. These transmissions typically had a 4.56 or 4.90 low gear. 

Manual Transmission  

Forward Speeds .... 4   

Dates Produced .... 1966 - 1992  

Manufacturer .... New Process 

Case Length .... 10.87   

Bellhousing Length ... 6.50  

Over All Length .... 17.375   

Case Material ... Cast Iron  

Input Shaft Spline .... 1-1/16 10 spline  

Length .... 6.50 & 7.50   

Pilot Diameter .... .670  

Length .... .875        

Output Shaft Spline .... 28 (2WD) & 31 (4WD)  

1st Gear Ratio .... 6.69 

2nd Gear Ratio .... 3.34   

3rd Gear Ratio .... 1.79  

4th Gear Ratio .... 1.00  

Reverse Gear Ratio .... 8.00   

Transmission Weight .... 135LBS   

Power Take Off Capable .... yes 


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