1.Toyota L/C Transfer Case

We offer conversion components for the 1963 to 2002 Land Cruiser models. Between these years, several different style transfer cases have been designed for use in Toyota Land Cruisers. It is extremely important that you know which model you have before switching transmissions. The Transfer Case Adapter Selection Chart in this section highlights the various transmission-to-transfer case options. Some of the newer Land Cruiser transfer case adapters are not listed on the adapter chart, but the adapters are listed under the transmission options that follow.

Pre-1963 Transfer Cases: Early Land Cruisers produced before 1963 used a small cast iron single speed transfer case. There are no adapters available for these early models. We suggest that you purchase a transfer case from a later model Land Cruiser.

1963 to 1973 Transfer Cases: Between the years 1963-73, Toyota began equipping Land Cruisers with a 3 speed transmission and a one-piece aluminum transfer case. This transfer case has a low ratio of 2.12:1. The input side of this transfer case has two gears: a main drive gear and a P.T.O. gear. Both of these gears have 10 internal splines and a diameter of 1.375". These cases are equipped with a vacuum style shifter for operating the transfer case controls. Later on, this transfer case was switched to a mechanical-type shifter linkage, which eventually evolved into the later model 4 speed linkage design. Note: We do offer a heat treated spacer for replacing the stock PTO gear. This spacer is PN716160 and it requires two of them but it is the exact length as the stock PTO gear.

When using one of our transfer case adapters, our output/spud shaft is shorter than your original output shaft. The spacer and tab washer will not be reused with our adapter kits. The photo (right) shows the proper assembly on one of our shafts.

When replacing the stock 3 speed transmission, you will lose the stock bellhousing mounts that supports your drivetrain. Refer to the Crossmember subheading in the Engine Conversion section for your options. TLC 3 Speed Stack Up

1974 to July 1980: Beginning in 1974, Toyota started using a 4 speed manual transmission. The transfer case still had two gears on the input, but the input gear was changed to 16 splines and was 1.259" in diameter. The transfer case low gear ratio was a 1.95:1. This transfer case was only available with a mechanical linkage. The transfer case bolt pattern was the same as the earlier 3 speed aluminum models.

When using one of our transfer case adapters, our output/spud shaft is exactly the same length as your original output. The gears and spacer will all be reused, but the old rear nut and washer will need to be replaced (items provided in kits).

1963 to July 1980 Transfer Case Upgrade: Advance Adapters is proud to offer the Orion transfer case. This new 4.0:1 ratio and cast iron case design is sure to capture the attention of the Land Cruiser enthusiast. Advance Adapters is not the manufacturer of this new transfer case; however, we are the exclusive distributor. PNORION-TC

The Orion kits come with a new cast iron case, four new gears, a new larger cluster pin, and a complete gasket bearing and seal kit. This transfer case, however, is not a complete ‘ready-to-bolt-in' unit like the Atlas. The transfer case does require the use of your stock front and rear output shafts and housing. The new unit also requires the use of the stock P.T.O. and inspection covers.

The unit can be used to replace either the stock 3 or 4 speed transfer case. The new case is exactly the same size and bolt pattern as the stock Land Cruiser transfer case, so no driveline modifications are required. It will fit to any transmission that a stock transfer case was coupled too. 716022

August 1980 to 1989: In August of 1980, major drivetrain changes occurred in both the FJ40 and FJ60 models. The transfer case design was changed to a split-case configuration with a 19 tooth internal spline on the input gear. The low gear ratio was 2.27:1 in these transfer cases. There are three different models of this transfer case; however, the differences are very minor. The transfer case adapters we offer will work with all three models. Click here for Low gear options for this transfer case. TLC 19 Spline 1 TLC 19 Spline 2

Transfer Case Upgrade for the Split Case: We offer low gear upgrades for this transfer case transfer case as well as complete bearing and seal kits and a twin stick shifting option. The gear option is offered for the 34MM and 38MM case and gives you a 4:1 low and a 10% reduction in hign range. PN716938. The rebuild kits are complete bearing and gasket sets, PN401420. The idlers are sold separately for the 34MM and 38MM under PN401418 or PN401419. The last upgrade is the twin stick shifter for the tranfer case which allow 2WD low, PN715569.

When using one of our transfer case adapters, our output/spud shaft is exactly the same length as your original output shaft. The gears and spacer will all be reused, but the old rear nut and washer will need to be replaced (items provided in kits). The photos below show the proper assembly.

REPLACING THE STOCK 4 or 5 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION: The crossmember is located under the transmission. When installing a different transmission, this mount may need to be relocated or replaced. This depends on the transfer case adapter. Some of our adapters have provisions to retain the stock mount while others require a custom one to be fabricated.

REPLACING THE STOCK AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: The stock crossmember was bolted under the stock adapter housing. None of our adapters have the provisions to use this crossmember without modifications. We have not seen a great deal of these transmissions being replaced and, therefore, cannot offer much assistance in this area. FJ-60,62 TRANSMISSION MOUNTS (2) FJ-60,62 TRANSMISSION MOUNTS (1)

NOTE: Our rear transfer case support, 716022, will not work on a 19 spline split transfer case.

1990 to 2002: In 1990, a new transfer case model was introduced, the HF2A. This transfer case is a full time 4WD unit. We offer a few transmission adapter housings from Mark's 4WD Adaptors that retain this transfer case. Most applications do not require driveshaft modifications, nor do they require crossmember modifications. The adapters we carry for this transfer case are designed around replacing the A442F automatic transmission only.

We also offer a low gear set for this transfer case 3.0:1 or 25% lower than stock. This gear set is offered under PN716940.

TRANSFER CASE CONSIDERATIONS: Optional transfer case equipment such as overdrives (Fairy Overdrive) and/or P.T.O. winches WILL NOT be compatible with any of our transfer case kits. The one exception to this would be the P.T.O. winch that bolts on the driver's side of the transfer case.

SEALED BEARING (Early 10 spline & 16 spline transfer cases only): Most of the adapters on the Transfer Case Selection Chart come with a new 307 sealed bearing. On some of the manual transmission adapters, this bearing is not provided because the two gear boxes use the same type of lubrication. If you would rather isolate your gear box fluids, a sealed bearing can be purchased under PN716301.

BOLTS FOR TRANSFER CASES: The stock Land Cruiser transfer case bolts are metric. Most of the transfer case adapter housings we manufacture are drilled and tapped for 7/16”-14 fasteners. These bolts are a little smaller in diameter than the stock metric bolts; however this will not cause any problems when fastening the units together. We also produce a few adapter housings that retain the stock metric fasteners. es replacing the 5 speeds.

NYLON LOCKNUT: We supply a new 7/8”-16 nylon lock nut and flat washer for your conversion. When installing one of our transfer case adapters, this nut secures the drive gear and P.T.O. gear onto the transmission output shaft or our spud shaft. This nut is a standard item that is used on most Jeep transfer cases. It does not require the use of a cotter pin to lock the nut in position. The nut must be replaced every time it is removed from the shaft. Nuts that are reused could possibly loosen up after continual use. This nut must be used with the new flat washer. The nut must be torqued to a maximum of 75 ft./lbs. in order to prevent bearing pre-load. This nut replaces the bushing, tabbed washer, and lock nut used on the original transmission and transfer case assembly. On some of the newer transfer cases, the adapter kit will sometime reuse the stock locknut that was originally equipped on the transfer case.

TRANSFER CASE REBUILD KITS: We offer transfer case rebuild kits that include the necessary seals, gaskets, and bearings for both 3 & 4 speed transfer cases. When performing an engine or transmission swap, it is usually a good time to inspect and replace possible wear items. These kits can be ordered under PN401310 (3 speed kit) & PN401416 (4 speed kit).

TRANSFER CASE OUTPUT SHAFTS: We offer new transfer case output shafts. We carry these shafts for both the Orion transfer cases and for worn out stock units. We have found that most stock transfer case output shafts have excess wear on the gear journals. These new shafts provide a closer tolerance install for the Orion gears. PNO40500 (T/Cs up to 4/1975) & PNO40501 (T/Cs 4/1975 to 7/1980)

TRANSFER CASE STEPPED THRUST WASHERS: The thrust washers are an important and critical area when installing transfer case gears on your Toyota shaft. The first step is to inspect the transfer case output shaft for excessive wear and to make sure the gears fit the shaft. If your shaft is worn excessively, the gear will be a loose fit and/or will be able to wobble. If this is the case with your shaft, replace it. The end play of the gear on the shaft must be set. The shaft and gears should be set at .008"-.012" of end play. These thrust washer are stepped. One side has a recess of .015" - .017" and the other side of the washer has a .008" - .010" recess. By using one side of the washer or the other or by using your stock washers, you should be able to get close to the required tolerance. On some stock applications, the end play ends up to be close to .030". PNO60080




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