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Almost everyone would agree that a Toyota Land Cruiser is a very tough and durable vehicle - but it won't last forever. When age, abuse, or expensive replacement parts reach their limits, and the need for a new engine approaches, that's where we can assist you. Whatever your engine, transmission or adapting requirements may be, you can be assured that Advance Adapters has the answer for you. We offer a full line of engine & transmission conversion parts. We also manufacture components for steering upgrades, overdrives, and transmission retrofits.

When deciding to do a conversion, the first step is to select the type and size of engine you would require. You should consider things such as dependability, power, economy, speed, price range, adaptability, and availability of equipment and parts. If you need the knowledge to perform the ordinary to the extreme, this manual is your source for parts and information. We have kits for new V6 & V8 engines, or the original Toyota 6 cylinder engine. We have adapters for use with the original 3 or 4 speed transmissions, or optional truck-type manual or automatics. This manual deals with several types of conversions, so you must be selective in determining what information and parts will be applicable for your specific conversion. Although the information covers each phase of the installation, a separate instruction sheet will come with your shipment illustrating how the parts are to be assembled.

With reference to engine conversion kits, we have found that the Chevy V8 is the most popular. We offer a complete line of products for both the Chevy V6/V8 and Ford V8 conversions. Depending on the year of the vehicle and the equipment that is being used, you may or may not require driveline modifications.

In recent years, one of the more popular conversions for the Land Cruisers has been the use of the Ranger Torque Splitter. The Ranger is a fully synchronized gear splitter that is used between the bellhousing and transmission assembly. When using the Ranger Torque Splitter, you will be able to avoid the cost of special bellhousing adapters and the expense of driveline modifications. Most Land Cruisers are equipped with 4:11 axle ratios which are not the most comfortable highway gears. When equipped with the Ranger 27% overdrive, the ratio is then reduced to a rear axle ratio equivalent of 3.03. We offer the two speed in a multitude of combinations. The gear box can be purchased to fit a Chevy or Ford bellhousing on the front side, and either the Toyota 3 or 4 speed transmission on the back side. We do not offer the Ranger to fit with the stock 6 cylinder because of the overall length. This added length causes problems with the fuel tank and transfer case linkage location.

We also offer several optional transmission-to-transfer case adapter kits. If you find your original 3 or 4 speed transmission to be in marginal condition, you can select from the various GM and Ford transmissions that can be adapted to your original Land Cruiser transfer case. Ford and Chevy transmissions can offer you several advantages such as added strength, the elimination of bellhousing adapter plates, and the need for stock transmission repairs.

In 1995, we began developing adapters to retrofit the NV4500 transmission into the Land Cruisers. This transmission has proven to be a very popular application. The overall length of this 5 speed makes it ideal for V8 conversions, since it positions the engine further forward for valve cover and distributor cap clearance. We have also performed this same conversion using the stock Toyota 6 cylinder engine. This transmission offers a super low first gear ratio of 5.61, and an overdrive ratio of 27%. Even though most of our Land Cruiser product line is designed around V6 & V8s, our adapters will also work on the GM 6 cylinders. The original Toyota 6 cylinder was very similar in design to this GM engine. For those wishing to retain a domestic 6 cylinder engine, they can easily install this GM engine. The same adapters required for a V8 installation would be used on this 6 cylinder, except for the engine mounts which will need to be fabricated. Another consideration for the GM 6 cylinder is the starter location. When using one of our conversion bellhousings, you must make sure that the starter bolts to the engine and not the bellhousing since our bellhousings do not have starter mounting provisions. When using a GM 6 cylinder with a stock Land Cruiser 3 speed transmission, a body lift must be installed for bellhousing clearance.

Mark's 4WD Adaptors: In 1993, we were assigned to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Mark's 4WD Adaptors of Victoria, Australia. This company manufactures a Toyota Land Cruiser product line very similar to the Advance Adapter product line. The Land Cruisers in Australia have some variations from the models that we have. The most notable difference is the steering gear box, which is located on the opposite side (our passenger side). Because of variations such as this, we stock their products on a limited basis; however, any of their product line can be special ordered.

Currently, the most popular items that we are importing are their bellhousing adapters for all model Land Cruisers. Their special bellhousing assembly, specifically for Ford and Chevy V8 Land Cruiser conversions, bolts directly onto the front of the original Land Cruiser bellhousing assembly. This new housing provides a new engine location that simplifies the drivetrain positioning for the popular V8 conversion. This new design incorporates the use of a stock Chevy 168 tooth flywheel, Chevy pressure plate, clutch disc, original Toyota release bearing, throw out arm, and slave cylinder. This kit is a little more expensive than the our bellhousing design, but offers some distinct advantages which makes it a good option for a V8 conversion. We supply the necessary components to adjust the engine position to accommodate the North American steering configuration.

When using the Mark's bellhousing, you will be able to retain the bellhousing support on the driver's side by simply spacing it away from the original bellhousing. The passenger side mount has been re-manufactured and will offer an ideal engine location without driveline modifications.

No matter what your drivetrain or conversion needs may be, we are fully capable of supplying the necessary components for your Toyota Land Cruiser. This manual will help you to identify your stock drivetrain components and give you your conversion options. It also supplies information of steering upgrades, as well as reprint articles about converted vehicles. If you should have any questions or need clarification on your specific application, please feel free to contact our trained technical sales staff.

TOOLS REQUIRED: Toyota Land Cruisers are put together with all metric fasteners. If you do not have a good selection of metric and standard wrenches, then we would suggest that you purchase the appropriate wrenches before you start your conversion. Along with these tools, it is advised that you have an engine hoist and a torque wrench to complete the conversion properly. Some conversions require some welding or cutting for mounting of the engine. Please refer to your specific vehicle application listed in this manual for further information concerning modifications. For electrical wiring diagrams and Toyota torque specifications, you will need a Toyota Land Cruiser service manual.


The next step is to define the use of the vehicle and then select a motor which best fits those needs. We manufacture motor mounts, headers, and bellhousing adapters for most Chevy and Ford engines. Depending on what motor you choose, every practical need can be met. The overall size of your Land Cruiser provides you an easy installation with a minimum amount of modifications.

Chevy 292 In-line 6 Cylinder: If you are not looking for the power increase of a Chevy V8 but want the availability of Chevy components, the installation of a Chevy in-line 292 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine is a good choice. When using this engine, costs can be minimized since the location is identical to that of the original 6 cylinder. We do not offer any type of motor mounts to install this engine, so some fabrication will be required.

NOTE: When acquiring a Chevy 292, make sure that the engine has starter provisions located directly on the block.