1. Rubicrawler Information

The RubiCrawler was primarily designed for the Jeep Rubicon's with the 4:1 transfer cases but will work on all the Jeeps with the 42RLE transmission. The low range of the Rubicon transfer case was great for the rocks and maneuvering the Jeep through tough obstacles, however, the performance of the vehicle suffered when introduced into sand, mud or loose dirt where some speed is required. With the stock Jeep in low range you must greatly increase the engine RPM's to get wheel speed. The other option is to shift the transfer case into high range, causing the engine to lug or bog down due to tall gear ratios. With the RubiCrawler installed you can now have a nice in-between gear set that will lower your engine RPM's in 4WD and now make your Jeep Rubicon the ultimate off-roading vehicle. This is just one of the additional features the RubiCrawler will offer. You will also have access to a low 2WD option for mild trails where it's nice to have lower gearing however 4WD is not needed. In addition you will have access to a combination of the two ratios for extreme off road conditions. Essentially you will now have the ability to multiply your stock transfer case ratio by the RubiCrawler ratio of 2.72.

This unit fits Jeeps 2003 to 2011 with the 42RLE automatic overdrive transmission. This new reduction unit replaces the stock 42RLE tailhousing with a 6 gear planetary reduction box featuring a 2.72 low range. This is a true bolt-in doubler that couples to the stock Jeep transfer case or an existing Atlas transfer case.


Features: The RubiCrawler increases your available gear ratios allowing you to gear your Jeep to the terrain in which you're wheeling on. The various ratios will allow you more control of the vehicle which results in extreme off road performance while maintaining a fun and safe offroading experience. Ratios with a Stock New Process 231/241 are a 2.72:1 and a 7.40:1 Ratios with a Stock NP Rocktrac are a 2.72:1, 4.0:1 and a 10.88:1

Shifting the RubiCrawler: The RubiCrawler shifting mechanism utilizes push/pull cable technology for a smooth and easy shift. The universal cable shifter is included with the purchase of your RubiCrawler. The universal shifter should be used if your vehicle is equipped with an Atlas transfer case.

The RubiCrawler comes with a twin stick cable shifter. These kits are designed to fit the stock Jeep TJ and JK consoles. We have designed a twin stick shifter that comes through the stock console for a clean installation that operates both the RubiCrawler and the stock NP231 or NP241 transfer case. (see photo TJ Shifters / Rubicrawler) The twin stick JK shifter also provides a twin stick shifter through the stock console. This kit retains the stock transfer case cable or has a H.D. cable upgrade kit with the addition of the new RubiCrawler cable.

Jeep Rubicons: We have also designed an electronic interface assembly that integrates the RubiCrawler into the Jeep Wranglers electronics. The primary function of the RubiCrawler Control Module is to allow the Rubicon locking differentials and disconnecting sway bar (JK only) to operate when the RubiCrawler Low is engaged. This item is included in all RubiCrawler JK kits and must be added for the Jeep TJ Rubicons

ADVANCE ADAPTERS, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY The RubiCrawler is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year. This warranty begins from the date the unit is shipped from Advance Adapters. We log all units with a serial number at time of shipping. The warranty is void (as determined by Advance Adapters, Inc.) by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, installation and/or alterations to the product. Warranty will be voided if the proper transmission fluid levels are not maintained, if any transmission fluid other than ATF+4 is used or the product has not been properly installed and instructions have not been followed. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the RubiCrawler as doing so will void the warranty. Please return the product as further described below.

These guarantees do not cover any outside labor, shipping, towing, normal wear or any other unforeseen events that may occur due to failure of a unit. Advance Adapters reserves the right to repair or replace any product.


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