CJ72-86 : Jeep CJ Rebuilders Manual (1972-1986) by Moses Ludel (#CJ72-86)

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The AMC-era CJ Jeep vehicles are a four-wheel drive icon. Built from 1972-1986, these models offer advance technology and exceptional off-pavement ability. Today, they remain top contenders on the roughest trails and byways, providing the rugged utility that owners expect from the Jeep brand.

If engine, transmission, transfer case, axle, steering, electrical or body tub seem difficult or beyond your skills, here is the fix! Moses Ludel, Jeep expert, automotive instructor and author of the Jeep Owner's Bible demystifies the most complex service procedures.

Moses begins with the disassembly of an AMC-era CJ, photographing each step in the process. He then disassembles and rebuilds each powertrain, geartrain, and axle component of the vehicle, under close-up scrutiny of his camera. Recognizing the performance expectations of contemporary owners, Moses Ludel then shifts to the popular upgrades that distinguish the ultimate trail-running CJ model. Each step is thoroughly explained!