Atlas Transfer Case Builder (Pro Series) (#Atlas-2-Speed-Pro-Series)

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Atlas Transfer Case Builder G2 (Pro Series)

Intended for heavier Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR), and high horsepower race applications.The New "G2 Pro Series" Atlas Transfer Case is equipped with a 1-1/2" Idler Shaft assembly offering several advantages in strength.

  • 109% Increase in Beam Strength
  • 7% Increase in Dynamic, and 15% Static, load rated bearing set
  • 25% Increase in thrust surface area to endure higher thrust loads
  • 7% Reduction in weight

The Advance Adapters Atlas gear-driven transfer cases are the ultimate in gearing and strength. With over 20,000 units sold, the Atlas 2 speed is the solution for combining both on and off-road performance.

  • Current Average Estimated Lead Time for New Orders: 18-19 Weeks (subject to change without notice)

1. Atlas Transfer Case - 2 Speed Units

3. Atlas T/C - Gear Ratio Options

Atlas T/C - Input Shaft splines with Adapter Options

5. Atlas T/C - Rotation & Clocking Options

8. Atlas T/C- Speedometer Options

7. Atlas T/C - Yoke Options

6. Atlas T/C Tailhousing Options

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