AS-6800 : TH350 TO ATLAS ADAPTER (#AS-6800)

Retail Price: $216.44

1.5" TH350 ATLAS ADAPTER. USE WITH 4WDTH350 WITH A 7/8" OUTPUT SHAFT STICKOUT. If This Adapter is being used with a 4x4 700R4 you will also need P/N AS-0404

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by James Robinson, from Raymond NH

Transfer case

I just want to thank you all at Advance Adapters for your incredible product. The order process was perfect and smooth. I felt like my order mattered. With most other companies that I have been ordering from I was treated like I was just another order and they didnt care if I ordered or not. So thank you for the amazing customer service. Everyone in the industry could learn something from Advance Adapters.

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