760010M-27 : Ford Ranger Torque Splitter Overdrive 27% with a 5.125 retainer index (#760010M-27)

Retail Price: $1,651.15

The Ranger Torque Splitter is an auxiliary gear box that bolts in front of the standard Chevy, Ford and Land Cruiser 4 speed transmissions. This fully synchronized unit allows you to split your gears at any time. Does not fit NV4500 5 speeds.

The Ranger has been in production since the late 1960s, and Advance Adapters has been manufacturing the unit since 1976. Through the years it has gone through several design changes. Today’s unit is cast aluminum, measuring 7-1/2”. The gears are helical cut and the shifting mechanism is a short throw manual shift. The unit is built to handle 420 ft./lbs. of torque and has a G.V.W. rating of 25,000 lbs. This unit is ideal for towing applications or improving gas milage by lowering the RPMs.

The unit weighs 80 lbs. and is easily shipped via UPS. It has a 1 year unlimited mile warranty from the date of shipment.

Current Average Estimated Wait Time for New Orders
6 Weeks

H. Ranger Overdrive for Chevy, Ford & Totota L.C. 4 speeds

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