716640 : Jeep 1941-71 Chain Control Assembly (#716640)

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Advance Adapter

Note: Chain controller assembly not to be used when replacing a cable operated clutch control!!

Note: This kit will not work on stock 4 cylinder Jeep bellhousing

1941-1971 Jeeps that used a torque tube that pivots off the stock transfer case can use this chain assembly to upgrade their linkage. The clutch pedal & bellhousing arm use rods that connected to this torque tube. We offer this new chain control assembly that removes the torque tube & rods and replaces them with a sprocket and chain. This controller utilizes the stock pedal and clutch arm. It can be easily installed and offers Jeep owners a great mechanical advantage on most Jeeps.

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by infernalcolonel, from MD

Easy to install; solid hardware

Very well-made, and a definite improvement over the mechanical bellcrank linkage. Gives a bit more leeway during frame warping over uneven terrain. The only difficult part about this is holding it up and clamping it down to properly set the tension, as it sits at an angle and weighs a lot more than you'd think. One suggestion: the adjustable nuts on both ends of the cable have a good two inches of room for adjustment, so set both in the middle to allow yourself plenty of room after the holes are drilled in the frame.

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