715535 : GM Hydraulic Clutch Linkage Bracket for use with Advance Adapters NV4500 Bellhousings (#715535)

Retail Price: $43.30

This is only used in GM Truck NV4500 conversions and not for use in Jeep V8 / NV4500 conversion projects.

This bracket is designed to locate the GM slave cylinder on the Advance Adapters PN712577 and PN712576 bellhousings.This bracket bolts to the bellhousing providing a mounting flange for your stock slave cylinder. This bracket isdesigned to fit 1985-1991 GM slave cylinders (Napa #73117).Our bellhousings are equipped with a clutch release arm normally used with mechanical linkages. The stock pushrod of your slave cylinder has no way of coupling to this release arm. The boot and push rod of the slave cylindershould be removed. Remove the boot from the stock push rod. The new push rod needs to replace the stock push rod.

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by Quinn Fatherley, from New Mexico

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Made of chromated 5/16" steel, this is a hefty piece. I wondered how it would hold up on the AA '576 bellhousing, just bolted onto two engine mounting bolts, but the matching AA bellhousing is extra thick in this area. Combined with a Brute Power 37791 slave cylinder, this looks like it will work very well to replace the GM setup, enabling me to use the factory hydraulics with an NV4500 transmission. Good instructions and all the listed fasteners were present.

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