712576 : Chevy V8 & V6 to the 1996 & up GM version NV4500 5 speed, adapter bellhousing kit. (#712576)

Retail Price: $418.20

Advance Adapter

This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the GM 4.3, V8, LS-Series engines to the NV4500 5 speed transmission.

The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, universal dust cover plate, bolt-on bearing retainer for the 1996 & up GM NV4500, pilot bearing, throw-out arm, ball pivot, throw-out boot, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.


The bellhousing fits 1996 & up GM NV4500 and 1993 & up Dodge gasoline NV4500. For customers that have a Dodge gas version, you will need to purchase a new GM NV4500 input shaft that was used with the 5.61:1-1st gear (p/n 52-0221) and machine the input retainer to use this bellhousing kit.

Note: Don't forget a new clutch cover, clutch disc and throw-out bearing. We have Centerforce clutch parts in stock and ready for your conversion!!!!

7. NV4500 Bellhousing & Clutch Info

1. Chevy & GM Engines

2. Chevy Gen III, IV & LS Engines

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by Quinn Fatherley, from New Mexico

Receipt Inspection - Wow!!!

The bellhousing is a very impressive piece of foundry and machining! First, the casting is 3/8" thick in places where the GM piece is 1/8", and weighs probably 3x the GM piece. AA took the care to do some finish clearancing on the thicker casting to make sure it clears the pressure plate along the bottom and in the portion covering the starter motor nose. That's why this piece is $366 when a junkyard bellhousing is $40 (never mind that it you need this kit to use the NV4500 in a 1980's GM K- or V-truck...) See my other review on the hydraulic clutch cylinder bracket.

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