712567V : Chevy V8 & V6 to Jeep Wrangler AX15, adapter bellhousing kit. (#712567V)

Retail Price: $491.29

Advance Adapter

This kit is designed to fit the GM block with a 168T flywheel and the Gen 3 / LS engines.

This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the GM 4.3, V8 to the Jeep AX15, 5 speed manual transmissions. The bellhousing kit includes a 356 T-6 aluminum bellhousing, universal dust cover plate, pilot bushing, AX15 bearing retainer assembly, seal, throw-out arm, slave cylinder push rod, slave cylinder push rod end, ball pivot, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.

Note: When using a 168th flywheel on your GM 350 engine a gear reduction starter is required. We offer gear reduction starters (p/n 22-0001 & 22-0003). Late model GM 4.3 V6 with an aluminum oil pan require starter 22-0001. LS engine require starter 22-0002.


The AX15 was used in model years 1989-99. It has a overall transmission case length of 24.00". The output shaft has a positive stickout and is 23 spline. The AX15 was found coupled to the Jeep 4.0L. Throughout the years we have seen two different input pilot tip dimensions. 1989-94 used a .590" diameter. 1995-99 used a .750" diameter. AISIN WARNER manufactured many different styles of this transmission that were used by various car manufacturers. Our 712567V only fits the Jeep AX15 and we have no tech data to help with any other transmission.

Required Clutch Options

P/N 716213 Slave Cylinder

P/N 383735 11" Clutch Disc

P/N N1430 Throw-Out Bearing

P/N CF165552 11" Pressure Plate