50-6141 : Ford 6R140 4x4 Extended to Atlas transfer case (#50-6141)

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Advance Adapter

Ford 6R140 was released in 2010 and couples to the 6.7L diesel and the 6.2L gas.

The 6R140 has to be flexible and intelligent enough to accommodate the low-end grunt of the 6.7-liter diesel and higher-revving peak power curve of Ford's new 6.2-liter V-8 gas.

The 6R140 uses a different torque converter, clutch plates, friction paper and shift schedule software calibrations depending on the motor.

The 6R140 uses a single-piece, deep-skirted case. Ford says the advantages of this design are that it's quieter, saves weight by doing away with fasteners between body pieces and eliminates the possibility of fluid leak points at the join points.

First gear is 3.974:1, second 2.318:1, third 1.516:1, forth 1.149:1 fifth .858:1 and sixth .674:1 reverse 3.128:1.

740 ft-lbs of input shaft torque and a weight of 345 lbs.

We are now offering adapters to the Atlas G2 version transfer case. The adapters will work on the 4WD version PN50-6140 , the 2WD version PN50-6142, and a 4WD version with an extension to be the same length as the 2WD output shaft PN50-6141.

Transfer case

Atlas with a 43 spline input


The kit is designed for exclusive use with the Ford 6R140 2 & 4 wheel drive transmission. This kit uses a spud shaft on the 4WD to copy the adapter length, it make the 4WD the same as the 2WD version.


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