50-3900 : Ford 6R80 & 10R80 to Atlas transfer case (#50-3900)

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Advance Adapter

The 6R80 can be found behind the 3.7L V6 up to the 6.2L V8 from 2009 to current. The 6R80 weights about 215lbs and is built for 590 ft lbs of input torque.

The 10R80 can also be used as it shares the same bolt pattern as the 6R80.

Transfer case

The casting does not use our standard 31 spline input, it uses a shorter 31 spline P/N 300110A or assembly A31S. If you have an Atlas with a longer 31 spline input, you can shorten it to fit the transmission application. Adapter length is 3.625


The kit is designed for exclusive use with the Ford 6R80 4wd


Note: when installing the Atlas in a Ford Bronco, the shift kit for the Atlas 4 speed is recommended. The shifter kit has a longer assembly that works well with the length of the transmission. The shifter PN344004.

Ford 6R80 & 10R80 Automatic Transmission


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