50-3032A :Heavy Duty Dana 300 Rear Output Shaft Kit (#50-3032A)

Retail Price: $427.82

Advance Adapter:

About the only weakness we've seen on the Dana 300 is the output shaft. The stock Dana 300 output shaft is a 1-1/8" diameter, 26 spline. We now offer a new, larger 1-3/8" diameter 32 spline output shaft for this transfer case. The Dana 300 has two different stock tailhousing lengths (approximately 4.25" "long tail" and 3.25" "short tail"). The bolt patterns on these two tailhousings aredifferent when bolting to the Dana 300 case.

We offer kits to fit both lengths of the Dana 300 transfer case tailhousings. Dana 300s equipped with the shorter 3.5" version tailhousing will require driveshaft modifications, since our kit is 1.5" longer than your stock. Kits come complete with a new tailhousing, output shaft, tapper roller bearings, and yoke. If you require strength and reliability, the Advance Adapters H.D. Dana 300 output shaft kit is a must have.

NOTE: Speedometer drive (301506) is sold separately.

The new speedometer drive gives you the advantage of calibrating your tire and axle gearing. Due to this feature, our tailhousing is ½" longer than stock.

Transfer Case

The kit is designed for exclusive use with the Jeep Dana 300 transfer case. The adapter assembly will not fit the short version tailhousing of the Dana 300. This early Dana 300 was used during the 1980 model year. The short style tailhousing measures approximately 3.5". This particular Dana 300 will require our 50-3034 kit.

This kit is non-interchangeable with the 1980 Scout Dana 300 version, if you require a kit for the 1980 Scout Dana 300 please use kit P/N50-3034.

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