50-3001 : GM TH350 3 speed, 4wd automatic transmission to the Jeep / Scout Dana 18 & 20 transfer case (with 6 spline drive gear) adapter kit. (#50-3001)

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Advance Adapter

The GM TH350 adapter to the Dana 18 / 20 is a short 1.850". And the overall length of transmission and adapter is 23.35". The adapter material is 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy and the adapter has a provision for a transmission. The adapter kit includes a adapter housing, 6 spline spud shaft, bearing, snap ring, o-ring, seal, gasket, fastening hardware and adapter instruction.

Transfer Case

This adapter assembly will fit any Dana Spicer 18 / 20, Scout version with a 6 tooth female drive gear. The transfer case index to the new adapter will require an index retainer & sealed bearing. Please I.D. the transfer case bore size (3-1/8") small hole or (4") large hole for proper retainer. Additional information can be obtained in our on-line catalog, Jeep & Scout Vehicle Section: Transfer Case Information, Jeeps 1941-79.


This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the 4wd GM TH350 automatic transmission. This GM automatic was commonly found stock in vehicles from 1969-81. The Turbo Hydramatic 350 three speeds automatic is one of the most transmissions available in GM 4x4 trucks. The stock 4wd output shaft protrudes from the back of the case approx 1". 1980-81 model TH350 4wd output protrudes out 5.00". And this TH350 also uses a lock-up torque convert, and was always used with an aluminum transfer case.

1) 1941-79 General Engine Conversion Info

4) Jeeps & Scout T/C Dana 18/20

1. GM TH350

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by Mark, from Salem, OR

th350 to dana 20

GREAT product fits perfect
short addapter allowed me to put a 327 v8 th350/dana20 in a 66cj and still have decent drive line in back

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